Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer break week 3, I think?

June seems to already be flying by so fast. I was just wondering what happened to the month of May? I guess that is what happens when you are busy enjoying life or going crazy, not sure yet which is me some days! I am sad though, just a bit, it was the hubs official last day of his vacation time yesterday, which means back to the on-call railroad trip life for him. I love having him around, though it does mess a bit with my routine, but the railroad messed more with it, so it is OK!! I would gladly have him mess with my routine to have him home more, but the railroad calls and it is off to work he goes...
Our motto
This week we enjoyed a stay-vacation, since we still had things on our calendar to do and we have animals at home that need us. So we opted to enjoy some fun things in our area and enjoy some nice relaxing days at home in between the activities we had. The kids enjoyed going to their first baseball game, enjoyed pool time, golf time, digging in the garden, fishing, and just plain ol good family time!!! The hubs and I enjoyed relaxing evenings on our patio, watching the sunset (really nothing better than that) and some Prison Break (we enjoy watching a series together, though hard to find good one's). We also had fun adventure a couple times this week trying to get our racoon that we found out was stealing our hummingbird food, which is really a rather funny story. Racoon is a clever little animal! Oh and along with a water moccasin my hubs spied in our pond, don't worry he too will be taken care of, my hubs is ready for him next time he see's him. This is the country life and I wouldn't have it any other way, it is a place of learning, loving, and enjoying beauty in our place of retreat from the world, to rest!

Encouraging reads:
Y'all this book, sooo good, thanks Lea Ann Garfias for writing a book that speaks so much to my heart. In this book you will find out how to rock the ordinary, how to shine forth the image of God, reflect His presence and His purpose in our lives. How to make extraordinary changes in our homes, our churches and our communities. "You can, indeed, rock our ordinary lives when we reach out and change our world, one ordinary day at a time." 

Since we our gardening this year, I enjoyed this read…This is a biblical metaphor to our very souls. Without Jesus - without the Lord God in our lives and His Spirit breathing into us - we are like that dried up bean plant... withered, bent over, scorched by the weight of the sun and the heat of this world.  Dead.  But with Christ, we are like that healthy, lush garden, the Living Water quenching our every thirst and causing us to grow strong with firm roots and spiritual fruits for His glory.

Reading is my favorite hobby, my go-to introvert refueling strategy, my drug of choice. I couldn’t live without my books. At least, I wouldn’t want to try. 

To those trying to extinguish our lights, we will burn brighter. We will smile more than we frown. We will build each other up, speak kind words, encourage excellence, celebrate successes, and show patience even when we feel depleted. To our children, we will read just one more story and sing one last song. We will make them feel like the most important things in the world. We will extend forgiveness, overlook flaws, and shrug off judgments. Our lights will burn even when no one is watching. 

I’m going to share a secret: sometimes, saying nope feels pretty darn good! 

The gospel was given to a world like this one, a world marked by every kind of pain and perversity. This world needs a gospel and, praise God! He gave us one. He gave us the gospel of his Son. No matter how bad the news around us gets, that good news gospel is better.

Snapshots of our week:

New beauty in our yard! Counting blessings and looking for lovely!
First baseball game!
Little sunny!
Having fun at baseball game!
Digging in the dirt!
Kids caught some fish in pond again!
The hubs and I enjoyed a date night out on our deck, oh how I love him!!
Oh Zeke, such a rough life, lazy dog!
See our little culprit, busted!
So thankful for God's beautiful reminders, night sky, creator of heaven and earth, His light and glory shine forever!
Little house work being done at our house, out our front porch, stay tuned for more...
Last night was family movie night, little man shared a seat with me.

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