Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer break week 4, it's getting hot!

Summer feels like it is here, it has been in the 90s, so it makes being outside a little unbearable, but thankful for cool rains and late evening sunsets!
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Today I want to shout out to all the awesome father's out there. I am so thankful for my daddy and my husband, two outstanding men, who work hard to provide for their families and put family first. Happy Father's Day!! You are so loved and appreciated for all you do!!

My hubs and sweet children when they were little!

My daddy and grandpa, two wonderful father's!!

Encouragement of the week: 
The brokenness of the world will always be here, but so will God’s grace. Gratitude is empowering; it recognizes that the world may be difficult, but there is something greater than the world, and to that truth it will cling with all its might. Ultimately, we are blessed beyond measure to know the risen Christ, to have confidence that our future is secure with Him for all eternity.

You’ve decided to homeschool… and now you are completely overwhelmed. Breathe, mama. Come here and have a seat.

Reclaiming Psalm 139 from the Clutches of Coffee Cups and Picture Frames

Love, love, love much truth and beauty to this…Marriage is a commitment meant to form us, not a commitment you enter only once you’re convinced you’re finally formed. Marriage is something that we learn, like the way we learn our mother tongue. 

The darkness is not the boss of you. It doesn’t have the last word on your life. 

A good purge could do your heart some good.  Maybe it will be good things that you say goodbye to.  You may experience some bittersweet moments or perhaps, even some grieving.  It will be okay.  Your future self will reach back and give you a hug and say,

Snapshots of the week:
Enjoying a quiet evening out at our pond with my man, oh how I love him!
Cutest golfer, looking professional in her PGA Jr jersey!
Seriously this dog, oh Zeke!
Enjoying ice cream with my little man!
Practicing before her first game!
Wow, this girl can get a ball out of sand!

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