Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer break week 5, encouragement and snapshots from the week

This week I have spent several afternoons working on cleaning out, organizing, and planning for the new homeschool year and I still have lots to do. We have all our curriculum, the books have been labeled and shelved, now to sit down, figure out what our tentative schedule will be this year, when we need to take breaks, time off for holidays, fun days, co-op, field trips, etc...Then go through the curriculum schedule and see how to then fit it into our life. If you are new at homeschooling and/or need help in planning, I suggest listening or reading some of the posts Pam does at, she has some great suggestions and tips.

Rocking Ordinary
This week our fun adventures were snake killing (just one thankfully), capturing a racoon, berry picking, date night on the deck with my husband watching the strawberry moon, and berry picking with the family. Almost getting locked out of my house, because the door lock decided to break, thankful for other doors, oh and that was after we had to replace the propane regulator and before that the well pump. Our other home project is on hold till we can find someone else to take the job, oh my always an adventure! Home ownership is always unpredictable. However, so thankful that God is still in control and reminds me to keep looking for HIS blessings. Reality those struggles I dealt  with this week are minimal. I have friends dealing with illnesses, deaths, and heavy burdens that I wish I could take away. I always need reminders to keep focused on eternal matters, God's perspective. I know HE will not fail us and loves us so! HE does care about the big and little things, so why we need each other! Other than that this week has been mostly ordinary (however I am learning to rock those ordinary days, as all days matter), kids had karate, Abigail piano, and tomorrow Abigail plays in a golf tournament. We continue to do about an hour of learning time most days, this includes read-alouds, working on reading and writing skills, math fun by reading Life of Fred books, and character building. The rest is play time, which makes for some of the best learning time! I love learning with my kids, really some of the best time spent together, and it doesn't feel like learning so even better yet! Abigail asked the other day when we are going to start back doing our school time. Love that she loves it too! I personally have been doing lots of reading, which is perfect to do on hot days and quiet evenings. I am in a book launch~Rocking Ordinary and have two book reviews that will be shared soon, with give-aways!! Love being able to bless my friends and readers! I was so thankful the day those arrived, it was much needed happy mail, after a trying day. Anyhow, be sure to watch for those reviews, really some great books! Reminder, last day to enter this one
Future book reviews!

 So today I thought I share some of my favorite things, things that bless me (Oh and feel free to share yours with me too. Counting blessings really is so beneficial and I thank God for them!):
~God's Word and how His Word sets you free!
~my family, I really heart them!! 
~my Jesus sista friends, oh how I need them, even though we barely see each other, sometimes just through passing by, a prayer need, or text but they are such a blessing
~books, like you didn't know that
~coffee and chai tea
~chips and salsa, salty over sweet 
~beautiful simple things, flowers picked by my children, watching birds

~moon gazing, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, especially seen with my husband, God's creation is really beautiful, just have to look
~history, yes I love history, something I have discovered the last couple years, basically since we started homeschooling and how important it is
~philosophy and theology, it does a mind and soul good!
~researching, yes I am a geek or just like truth!
~planning, again a possible geek
~sweeping, OK better than vacuuming (and you don't have to worry about it breaking (this is an inside joke for a friend)), it clears the mind, really it does, I need a clean floor and a no to clutter too, it causes chaos inside me
~comfy sweats and my pj's, I could live in them
~pretty notebooks and colored pens

This week's encouraging reads:
Parents, if you are feeling unsure of sending your child/children to school, I encourage you to bring them home! I can promise you that it will be the best decision you make for your family. Your children will be 18 years old and off on their own in no time. 
“Love” is taking on new forms these days. Except that it’s not loving to lie. 
The world says that you are just a mom and that your mothering ministry is not newsworthy. The world says your work is mundane, but every mothering and discipling moment in your life is actually unique—unprecedented in history and never to be repeated. Your work in evangelism and discipleship done through the power of the Spirit gives Jesus praise that echoes in eternity. 
Now is the time for us as believers to live for God's purposes, to live with eternity in mind. God has created each of us to have a part in this story at this time of history. How profoundly important it is that we take our roles as believers, parents, Christians seriously, that we might be a part of God's hands, mouth and heart to a world longing for true purpose and real grace amidst so much tension. 
Love this list…101 Reasons Why I #HEART Homeschooling 

Week in pics:
Simple things, flowers picked by my children!
Strawberry moon, summer solstice
My man doing one of his favorite things.
Bench sitting, so peaceful!
Little man is ready for some soccer!
Chickens are very entertaining!
Berry picking with the family!
Oh Zeke, he is so loved!
Happy mail, the catalog of all catalogs! One of the best resources and places to shop for homeschoolers! It's huge!

Yes please, great reminder!


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