Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fight the Good Fight, thoughts and pondering..

So I was vacuuming and pondering on some thoughts…yes people that is why my house is usually always so clean. I do my best thinking and praying while I am cleaning. I have a hard time sitting still, I am not very patient, but thanks to the good Lord He continues to work on me. Anyhow, just some thoughts going through my head…if all the people I see posting and sharing pray for our cops or whenever something bad happens in this world, etc…ask themselves, do you know Jesus Christ? Have you accepted Christ as your savior and repentant of your sins? If not, please do that, so you are right with God and then keep the faith, share it, and fight the good fight (1 Timothy 6:12). We as believers fear no evil, because HIS light has overcome and we have the promise of being a part of royalty and promised a glorious eternity forever, O'Lord thank you! That is what will change this world we live! Believers in Christ united together! Stop the division! Christ has already won, by dying on the cross for us. We believers get to be a part of His warriors here on earth to help stop satan and those he is using to bring this evil in this world. 

Another thought and reason I am thinking of all this, I have been a part of mom groups/women ministry for seven years, up until this last year. It seems to be a common theme among women, that they feel like they are not enough, that they are failing, they live in worry/fear, etc… but oh sista's you are enough when you are a believer in Christ. You are raising the next generation, that is a big responsibility! Men and women we need to stand strong in our faith, for our children, our families, our neighbors, and this world. I hope and pray you know the saving grace and freedom that comes from having a right relationship through Jesus. That is how we unite and overcome! Yes, we will still struggle and in the end, this world will come to an end, but not before Jesus comes back for us. It is never too late to come to know Christ, I was 27 when I did, and it has been the best thing ever, life changing!!

We may not understand all that is happening, but we have a mighty God, He is working it all together, who is unchanging, who loves us, and has a plan. That is all, keep the faith, praying and doing the next right thing!

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