Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday encouragement, summer break continues and snapshots!

Love this quote
This week went by too fast and next week is our last official summer break, as we will start back homeschooling officially July 25. I say officially, as we continued a lite learning time most days. Abigail played her 4th game with her PGA Junior team this week, next week she is in three! They both had fun at karate camp yesterday, while the hubs and I enjoyed a little lunch outing by ourselves, along with getting a load of rock! Because that is what all couples do when they are child-free, right! Today we have a play-date meetup with our homeschool co-op to catch up and meet some new families joining us for the near year!! I have also been busy working little by little each day on planning and our learning area this week. We will continue using Sonlight as our main core curriculum (Bible, language arts, history/geography, and science), we just love it and works great for us! Aidan will be doing Core A, along with Horizon Math K and A Reason For Handwriting. Abigail will be doing Core C, along with Horizon Math 2, starting cursive using A Reason For Handwriting, Sing Song Latin 2, Writing With Ease and First Language Lessons. We will all use Art and the Bible, by How Great Thou Art for art lessons this year and listening to Classical Kids Collection on CD~learning about classical composers and their music. We will continue to attend co-op every other Thursday, Abigail is taking Stamps Teaching, Aidan is taking P.E. and both will be in Monart Art and Drawing for the 1st semester. We are excited to get our new school year started and all we are going to learn!!

For planning, I am using A Simple Plan planner by Mardel for the 3rd year in a row. This year I got the kids each a planner by A Plan In Place. Aidan's helps him learn about the calendar and checking off school work, along with chores. Abigail's helps her learn about goals, scheduling, along with tracking books read and to do lists. This is a planner geek's dream!! Now let's see how the kids like them. I know Abigail is excited, she is excited to start using her the planner. With planning, I don't schedule the year, I count out the weeks we plan to do school and add two additional at the end in case more breaks are needed. We are trying the 6 weeks on, 1 week off type of schedule, with a two week break in December and 2 month summer break. I wanted to try year round schooling, but Abigail keeps busy with golf the months of June and July, there are many summer camps and activities. Plus I need a break, time to organize and plan and get caught up on other things that sometimes get pushed aside during the school year.

So this post probably bored most my readers, unless you are a homeschooler, well you may enjoyed it. I enjoy reading what other homeschoolers are using and doing, it helps me to see if there is something different we might like to try or use.

Here is some great encouraging reads I recommend reading: 
Homeschoolers, oh this list…for real a doughnut shop one we haven't done yet, this is a must! ;)

This devotion spoke much to my heart…We pour out so much of ourselves that we forget to first give ourselves to God. We experience tragedy, hurts, betrayal, and disappointments. Life often leads us to forget God’s calling for us. This world is our battleground.
I want to prioritize self-care so I can succeed in life. So I can grow stronger, embrace life more fully, love more enthusiastically, live more generously, and serve others more wholeheartedly.

This is so helpful, just yes and why I have started too, so I apologize I don’t do it offend anyone, but for me to simplify and my purpose.

So when you get to the end of the day, when you get down far down that road you’re on, when you get to wondering what it’s all about that — I don’t know, maybe it’s just this handful of 5 Brave and Beautiful Things I wanted to tuck in your back pocket in a world that’s hurting everywhere? And maybe I just wanted to look you long in the eyes and memorize this in the midst of everything: Trust that Grace will always meet you.

Let me reassure you today that there is nothing that is too hard for our God.

Such an encouraging post and podcast for these time…”Moms, the way you invest your life today will indeed have a great impact on history. We need to buck up, strengthen the areas that are weak, and decide to accept the work load of small children with joy, as would please our heavenly Father. The cultivating and raising of great souls is of the utmost importance.  Your life is making a difference. Take time in the word, take time to read those books which call you to excellence, spend time praying with friends of like mind–and don’t give up!”

Seeing their wonder, excitement, and struggles; counseling them in the midst of their temper tantrums, frustrations, and successes; encouraging them in their joy and sorrow are all privileges for the homeschool mom.

Snapshots of our week:
Our planners, this year I switched from EC to Plum Paper for my personal home planner.
Planning work in progress.
Books labeled and shelved!
Our learning area! Where we do most of our school type work.
This is what all bathroom windows look like and just a small batch of the many more tomatoes growing!
My cute helper, helping making BLTs. Yum!
Our cute golfer, playing her 4th PGA Jr game!
Beautiful sunset and my hubs practicing his golf swing, must keep up with the daughter!
Mama got a new toy and I only paid $25, whoohoo!!
Capturing a beautiful flower in our yard, reminder of gifts God give us and how HE takes care of us!

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