Friday, July 22, 2016

Last week of summer break for us, weekly encouragement and snapshots!!

I hope all y'all week has been going great! I am choosing to count my blessing, then to focus on the bad news and evil in this world. Why, because I have a God that so loves me, so loves you, and provides blessings upon blessings, we just need to look for them, praise Him for them, even if they are small simple ordinary things, and even when we are struggling and don't understand, we trust and know HE is good and HE is God who controls all and has a plan. We have had a blessed week, family time, play time, family movie outing, seeing friends, kids enjoyed a few days of VBS, finished our summer read aloud, mama had adult time with other mama's, breakfast date with the hubs and date night at home!!

This was also our last week of summer break, Monday we will start back homeschooling! We are excited and ready to go!! This will be our 3rd year homeschooling!! Watch out for our Raising Arrows learning adventures!! This is me pumping myself up for a great year of learning!!

OH I do have a give-away going on right now, so be sure to head on over and check out this blog post for more information:

Here are some encouraging reads this week:
Excellent post and podcast full of encouragement! Seems to be a recurring theme in my life lately, thank you Lord <3 i=""> "Choosing to Own my Faith has opened doors, provided peace of mind, given boldness in difficulties, established hope in God who does not change and who has proved faithful in every season."
Here’s the thing, Christian. There is only one real line in the sand. The line drawn in blood at the foot of the cross. Once we have been carried over that line into the safety of Christ’s embrace, we are all on the same side. There should be no lines drawn in the sand behind the cross. Differences of opinion are inevitable, and there is room for much diversity. But it should not break up the fellowship. Once the fellowship starts dissolving, we are in sin.

Snapshots of the week:
Our golfer girl won 1st place in her age group, whoohoo!!
Enjoying a date night at home with the hubs!
Sunday worship ready, with my two little blessings!
Movie night with my little's, watching The Chronicles of Narnia, as we finished our summer read aloud!

Beautiful sunset after a storm, always a reminder of God's goodness and beauty!

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