Friday, July 29, 2016

We survived!! First week back to school!!

Homeschooling Truth
OK, being sarcastic about we survived. I knew we would! One because we are starting our 3rd year of homeschooling, two because I was ready, and three ultimately God is in control of ALL, so that releases a lot of pressure! I planned for it and it went better than planned, not always does that happen. I thought our days would take longer with doing two full curriculums, but it takes about the same as doing one. So, actually we had extra time,whoohoo!! Oh how I love having somewhat of a routine, it sure does make the day flow better and I am so much more productive, we all were this week, now next week could be different, so today we dance with joy!! But oh how I do love days when we don't have a schedule too, need those days to restore and refresh!

A water cup I need, with a great reminder, oh the possibilities!

Here are some encouraging reads this week: 
How I made our Scripture Memory box
 Friends, every single thing we need to obey God, love well, and to live faithfully through any and all confusion and tragedy is in God’s Word. Every single thing. I worry we are doing this all wrong, Church. I worry we are complaining rather than loving. I worry we are living out of our fear, rather than living out of our faith. I worry we are more focused on the state of our government than the state of our own hearts. I worry our eyes are on our security more than on our giant, capable God, who is not worried or deterred.
Socialization is a bunch of malarkey
Embodied Learning is all about the atmosphere of our homeschools. After all education isn’t just a rational, intellectual pursuit. It’s also about reaching children’s hearts and souls as well as their minds.
Love this….Our first and foremost job in the education of our children, then, is to nurture a love for reading. We can pretty much shelf everything else until we’re nailing that.
Book review this week…This is one of those books that was hard to put down and is hard to do a review for, because I have so much I could write about it, all good! A few of you know Tozer is one of my favorites, the way he writes is so relevant for today's world as it was back when he lived. His words speak the truth from God's Word.

Snapshots of the week:
My late night movie buddy, oh Zeke!
Aidan helping me caddy!
Little man looking all professional on the golf course!
Abigail's last PGA Jr game with her team for the season!
It was a hot afternoon, but she played her little heart out!
Beautiful sunset to end the day with, counting blessings, so thankful for God's reminders!
We were excited to head out to Ice Cream Social at our church, can you tell by Aidan's face!
Yes, this is the first pic I got, love him!!
Back to school, our stack of books we went through this week!
First day back for 2016-2017 Raising Arrows!
Aidan working hard on making his calendar!
Abigail's all about me!
Aidan's all about me!
Mom survival need!
Love the sunflowers my hubs planted! What a reminder to give God all the glory!!
Kids received happy mail from a sweet friend!
Love my new tool I made to use in helping us memorize and keep God's Word in our hearts!

An unexpected new family member, meet Socks. My hubs rescued him. He was dropped off at a store and left behind a ice machine. Now spoiled rotten!
Karate Kids!

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