Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday weekly update, snapshots encouragement from week 4!!

Great reminder, count your blessings!
Another week in the books at Raising Arrows, we have completed a month of school already!! In a few weeks we will take a late summer break, this is so I can plan for our next 6-8 weeks of school and it will be time to celebrate someone's birthday with a little get-away to Chattanooga, which could also double as an educational field trip, whoohoo!! So any recommendations on places to eat at or places to go to, please send me those!!

Saturday I attended a Titus 2 luncheon, many know my passion for mom/women's ministry and encouraging one another! It was so good, oh I have notes, so if anyone is interested I love to share and I may share them in a blog post soon!! Then Wednesday in my memories an old post popped up, wow God!! I so have loved my mentoring relationship and yes we still chat! I don't know what God has planned next, but I am so blessed by the people He has surrounded me with!

Wednesday was our first-date anniversary, it was 13 years ago that I went on a blind date with my husband, you can read our story here it is the best story~I love our story, wouldn't change a thing. I am so thankful to the Lord for bringing us together and the life we share! We didn't really get to celebrate, though I did make us a yummy meal and dessert for the occasion. Lately he has been putting in many hours at work, which means more time away from home and then also trying to finish up on a project at our house when he is home (just thankful to have it fixed and soon a pretty front yard and someday a completely finished basement). Of course there will always be projects, that is what home ownership is all about, ha! Our kids have been having fun helping, so it is a learning experience for them, so an added benefit you could say!

This week I found out I get to be a part of the street team for Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting, an upcoming Advent devotional. Advent season is one of my favorite seasons. Can't wait to share more, so stay tuned! I also have a couple upcoming book reviews and give-aways that will be happening in the near future that I am also a part of! I am blessed to be a book nerd, but one of my favorite things is being able to offer the free give-aways to my readers!

Encouraging reads:
Homeschool parents have some unique advantages when it comes to educational innovation. 
It is not information that will save the world, but grace; and grace comes in the story of an image-restoring Son. 
The better world and making a difference is a conversation we should refuse to engage: it does not belong to us. Speak the truth. Keep the commandments. Let God make all the difference in the world. 
Great recommendation list for homeschoolers…As we approach a new school year, I hope this is encouraging to you. Try to ignore the doomsday voices of our age, remembering that God chose you to parent your children and equipped you in just the right way. 
Yes, this… the podcast is a must listen, take the time to hear some much needed truth and encouragement in this journey and growing in faith. May we be Christians that are "Regardless of what is happening around me, I will be the best I can be, work the hardest I am able, pursue the highest standards--especially for my personal life where no one but God sees--because I have been bought with a price and have His Holy Spirit residing within. So my worship of Him requires that I pursue the standard of His Holiness as an affirmation of His reality in my life." 
I agree…I have a love/hate relationship with the internet.

Weekly Snapshots:

Celebrating Friday with some yummy donuts!
This boy read his first book all by himself, proud mama, proud teacher!
Love watching big sis help little bro follow along during read aloud time!
Sometimes more comfortable to do school work on the floor.
Such focus!
Caught herself a little fish, while fishing with daddy in our pond!
Peter cat is so patient with Socks, we could learn a lot from him!
Little man was up early, dressed himself and was ready for church before I had my coffee on Sunday!
He is ready to work, helping daddy with some landscaping!
My men, love them!!
The kids and I enjoyed seeing God at work, beautiful sunset after church! Reminder of God's power and beauty!

Love listening to these two. Abigail sure is blessed with a wonderful piano teacher!

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