Friday, August 12, 2016

Happy Friday,sharing some favs, encouragement and snapshots of our week!

Sweet flowers picked by my kiddos, simple things!
Whoohoo, today we finish up week three of school already, the weeks seem to be going by fast, though there have been some long days.The hubs has been working way too much, the railroad keeps calling him out shortly after he has rested, so it leaves me to tend to the household management and schooling. I am not complaining, just miss having my hubs here to provide adult conversation and making me laugh and keeping me sane, because he is good at that!! He gets me like know one else and that is such a big plus.

This year we have taken a more Charlotte Mason approach with our learning. I consider ourselves a mix of classical and Charlotte Mason. We use mostly Sonlight, first because all the books and they have  the year laid out, so that does save me some planning time. I just don't follow the planned schedule as they have it laid it out and that is OK, they actually recommend you do what works best for you and your family. So I rearrange it a bit to fit our family and learning style, love that! I have learned, it is better for us to sit around first thing in the morning, go through our Bible, History, and Science together instead of trying to do it separate, it is more fun to discuss what we are reading together. We do poetry reading and art once a week, instead of trying to fit it in every day, that just got to be too much for us. Mid morning, we start our independent learning, math, language arts, and latin. We still are usually done by lunch time, which is great, that way the afternoon is spent: working together doing chores, taking care of animals, errands, going back over individual studies they are working on learning or following up on something they struggled with or didn't finish, individual reading time, nature time, swim, piano, karate lessons, and of course play time.

What makes homeschooling so great is that no one family I know of homeschools alike, why is that, because our kids are individuals, each created uniquely with different learning styles, gifts, personalities. It is how God made us! I know moms using Abeka, Ambleside, Heart of Dakota, My Father's World, Sonlight, a mix-mosh, etc... Friends with different learning styles and education styles; classic, Charlotte Mason, electric, unit study, or traditional. So I share this with you as encouragement for your journey, do what is right for your family and listen to God's will for your life, HE will never leave you astray. I am so thankful for the women that have gone before me in this journey, to share with me and provide encouragement when I need it! 1 Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

First before I share my encouraging reads this week, I thought I share some good books for the homeschooling moms:

OK so I literally read Mere Motherhood in two evenings, it is that good. Her life stories and failures of a mom that she writes about left me feeling encouraged not shamed.
"There are three things that cover a multitude of sins: reading, reading aloud,and written narration." Few schools can duplicate the home when we moms and dads understand true education. When we speak idealistically about "true" education, the home cannon be beaten" "We do not write our own stories; we just think we do. My story belongs to Jesus, so I already know that it has a happy ending."Our children cannot live in our time. They live in their own time, but the more tied to the past they are in their mind, the safer they will be; the more wisdom they will have. You can have grammar,logic, and rhetoric without having wisdom-but why would you want to?" Cindy Rollins~Mere Motherhood~ CiRCE Institute
"Perhaps most importantly, put relationships above everything else. God made a true, beautiful, and good world to relish. Don't get so distracted by thirty-six weeks of carefully plotted lesson plans that you miss the glory that is already yours for the taking." "Take a deep breath, mama. This isn't as dependent on you as you think it is. Give GOD your "Here I am. Use me." Let HIM carry the burden." Read-Aloud Revival with Sarah Mackenzie~Teaching from Rest 
"The goal of education is not to raise a child who does well on the tests of secular educators; rather it is to raise a child who does well on the tests of real life. When they need to research an issue, they will have the discipline and ability to find and analyze relevant information. When they need to present an argument, they will know how to use language persuasively. When mediating a problem at church, they will know how to apply wisdom and find a creative solution." Sally Clarkson~ Educating the WholeHearted Child 
"There should be no barrier between our intellectual knowledge and our spiritual understanding. Because all knowledge and truth have their source in God, everything we learn brings us closer to HIM, and HE is our best and wisest teacher. ~Karen Glass ~ Consider This  

We would do well as homeschooling mothers to make “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done” a motto we live by day by day, moment by moment, math meltdown by math meltdown.
God gives you time for what is important, all is intertwined
When we remember that planning is guessing, we keep our plans in their place. We remember that curriculum and lesson plans are only meant to be tools, wielded by us but not to rule over us.
Crucial Questions: 25 Free eBooks from R.C. Sproul
There is no such thing as “just a mom.” Mothers are literally shaping the hearts and minds of an entire generation of children. Moms matter, and the devil knows it. This is why he works overtime to discourage Christian moms from taking an active part in the spiritual nurturing of their children.
When you read a book, your brain experiences the reading as if it were happening to you. So all the emotion you feel as you read gets transferred to your memory.

Snapshots of our week:

Love this sweet boy, happy face, having fun learning!

Singing and learning about the Middle East through song, this makes geography fun!

So focused, watching fun math videos!

The best learning environment, love my little helper!
This cutie taking care of the girls!
Getting around the yard!
A little nature walk to our mailbox and we spotted 5 different kinds of butterflies!
And these mushrooms!
Spoiled Socks, is breaking the no house rule!
Beautiful night for a little fishing on our pond with my man, love him!
He found one of his daddy's hat from his childhood, oh my too cute!
Love this book cover and excited to starting reading this book review for Tyndale!!

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