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Moments & Days~How Our Holy Celebrations Shape Our Faith~Book review

I finished reading this beautiful book Moments and Days~How Our Holy Celebrations Shape Our Faith by Michelle Van Loon, I so love the cover of this book! There is a part of me that is drawn to rituals and traditions, and I so believe in celebrations, especially the small ordinary moments are so worth celebrating! These moments at times give me a feeling of sacredness, connection to the Holy One. I can't imagine what it would be like, to be participate in a pilgrimage or Shabbat observance, etc... Can you imagine journeying together with other believers or sitting with your family in quiet observance, while places are closed down doing the same with their families? Sometimes it is hard to find quiet in this world we live in with all the busyness, beeping noises, etc...but I know that is something that I can control. I live by my calendar, I need it to keep me organized and to help get things done. I need to remember Time is a gift, given to us (Psalm 90:12 Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom). This book left me wanting to do that more often then just a couple moments I get here and there. The author wrote this book to share the biblical heritage of holy days, along with practical inspirations and suggestions, with questions to ask yourself. She shares the history of the Jewish holidays and Christian holidays, and how the calendar was created. The holy days are not something you add on to do, but instead to give you intentionality in a way to live for God and to share in HIS glory.

"It's not the formality of the ritual that is most important when it comes to forming a Sabbath habit in your life; it's the commitment to rest with God." 

"The Jewish calendar was countercultural, a way for the Chosen People to live a different story than their pagan neighbors were living. It was one obvious way in which they reflected and magnified God's light to the nations. The building blocks of the Christian calendar came from the same place, but as Christianity had become mainstream across Europe, the Middle East, western Asian, and parts of northern Africa, its calendar became less counterculture, more a mere timekeeper for the culture. Its prophetic purpose was diluted by its popularity." 

So I too wonder like the author, if we are forgetting the holiness and sacredness of Christ and worship? Look at the world, we start seeing Christmas items in stores in July and many times it appears the only time churches are full is at Christmas and Easter services. Some churches look more like rock music concerts (no I am not judging rock music, I do like some, but in a church I think it might lose the focus of why you are there), slides for baptism (yes I saw that on a post someone shared), etc.. Have we as a people let things of non-importance get in the way of our worship, have we been left to dining on crumbs and become a slave to the world? I know I am guilty of this at times. I just think if we used these holy days and times to help us remember we are in fact living eternity every day and take a hold of the rhythms of Christian year and hold to our heritage and the ONE who holds us, we will live as we were made to live.

 At the end of this book, she concludes with suggestions if we want to incorporate these holy days in our calendar, with our families, communities, and churches. Along with some yummy recipes to go with them.
Sorry no give away of this book but you can find out more at links I shared or buy this book at Christian book stores or online, and you know my favorite place to shop is Amazon!

The author's web-page
Michelle Van Loon helps us treasure our time as a gift and a spiritual responsibility, and God as faithfully present in all our moments and days.
People rarely slow down to experience their days, and so they feel rushed through life even as they begin to suspect that life lacks significance. By introducing (and reintroducing) us to the feasts and festivals of the Bible, as well as the special celebrations of the Christian calendar, Moments and Days restores a sacred sense of time throughout our year, enriching our experience of each “holy day” and enlivening our experience of even the most “ordinary time.”

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Published:September 1, 2016
Binding: Softcover
Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.25 in.

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