Friday, August 5, 2016

Week 2 we are in a flow! Review, snapshots and encouragement from our week!

This is our 2nd week back for our school year at Raising Arrows, and we are in a groove, though Mondays I still struggle, oh Mondays! This week we added in all subjects, so our stack of books grew a little, but with some organizing and planning it flowed smoothly. Thank you God for making me a Type A organized, book loving, planning geek! It is paying off in this journey of homeschooling!! Sometimes I wonder who is learning more in this journey, the children or I! I so enjoyed our history lessons this week and science! I get to learn latin too! It really is interesting to see how much of our english language comes from latin!

Our homeschool co-op had a fun parent meeting this week!! We are so thankful to be a part of a wonderful co-op! So looking forwarded to getting started back and getting to know the new families that are joining! I also am excited that I finished planning the class I will be facilitating at co-op for our fall semester, good feeling to have that checked off my to do list, now let the fun learning begin!

 Thought I share a sermon that spoke much to me this last week from our church...

On Sunday nights at our church we are going through the book of Zechariah, and wow, love it when God speaks to me about something I have been questioning HIM about. Remember last  week or so I mentioned in a book review by A.W. Tozer that there was something I was praying and pondering about? A question I have had and struggled with for a long time and one I recently talked with a friend about too, and then boom I got my answer…thank you Lord! So, if you have been wondering about real vs. false worship,rituals, what God thinks of sacrifice and why HE gave us mercy (be sure to read Hosea 6:6 and Amos 5:21-24) and just some simple good advice about maybe why you are not hearing from God, maybe because you are not praying, reading your Bible and attending church? Oh and listen at the end about the millennial kingdom, what a time that will be for believers! Take a listen to my pastor’s sermon (Zechariah 7-8 July 31), good stuff….

Weekly encouraging reads:

Reading days are those days you bring your normal homeschool plans to a halt. Instead you and your children spend the entire day reading. It doesn’t matter if you read the books aloud, listen to audio books, or simply curl up with a favorite book to read. The point is to enjoy a day full of great literature.
OK yes, I enjoy listening to Podcasts, helps make the every day to-do's, like cleaning more enjoyable, check out these Top 12 Podcasts for Christian Homeschooling Moms
“The judge is standing at the door” is also a reminder that we live for an audience of One. 
I think this is an awesome! Homeschoolers coming together to encourage and pray together!
This is so true…10 of the many things I was UNLIKELY to learn without homeschooling...
God is love.  Greater love has no one than this than a man lay down his life for his friend.  The two greatest commandments are to love God and to love others.  Love one another and so fulfill the law of Christ.  They will know you are my disciples by your love for one another.

This girl enjoying math!
Outing to Steak and Shake!
Little man loved it!
Oh so much fun learning, our book list grew!
I'm reading, I rarely buy books for myself, as I usually get so many great books to review, but I had to buy this one, I read half of it last night! A great read for moms, especially homeschool mom's since Cindy was a homeschooling mom! I so enjoy listening to her podcasts, so I knew this book would be good!
Zeke and Peter cat are best of buds!
Our new rescue kitty is settling in well, Socks has a great caretaker!
Took a little nature time outside exploring some new blooms in our yard!

These are some unique big mushrooms!

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