Friday, August 26, 2016

Weekly snapshots and encouragement from our week...

Yes, Oh Lord! LOVE like JESUS!
Some hi-lites of our week, mostly ramblings, and God moments:
This week we finished week 5 at Raising Arrows!! Homeschooling does rock, and this week my daughter reminded me of another reason why, with a sweet little note she left in her math workbook. Yes some moments are a struggle, when we rather be doing something else, or mama like some quiet time, or learning something that is challenging, but we always get through it and learn a great lesson from it. This week my hubs with the help from the kids finished the outside landscaping project in the front of our house, which was due to result of small leak that needed to be fixed, but now all is good and it looks better than before! Aidan started soccer practice, first time playing, he is loving it. He has a hard time sitting still, so this is perfect for him. We all got our hair done last Friday, long over due! I don't know why I wait so long, because it always looks ten times better, but I think it is a time thing, I just rather be doing something else then sitting getting my hair done, though I do love my hair stylist! Anyhow, time is pressing and the sun is shining, time to get moving! Remember there are times we all struggle, times when we like to run away, throw in the towel, and then there are glorious moments, God moments and connections, that makes everything worth it. Plus those lessons you learn in those hard times too are worth it. Take the time to sit, listen to God, and count your blessings, you will see God's beauty all around, even in the everyday ordinary living. Be blessed and fight the good fight, keep focused on things above and the gifts HE has given you! Shine for HIM!! Be BRAVE!

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Encouraging Reads: 
Se7en Sanity Savers for HomeSchoolers and A Surprising Truth…
The power of educational innovation rests in the hands of every homeschool parent on this planet.
We all need sympathy, love, help, and encouraging words. We all feel inadequate at times, and just knowing we are not alone is so important. I have also realized lately that all of us moms who are believers have the Holy Spirit working in us, and He drives us to want to be involved in ministry.  What we can tend to forget is that the ministry of being God's voice, words, hands, touch, and help to those who are in our personal lives could be the ministry He wants to use us in today!
You need to run your own race, no matter how crooked the trail appears to be. God will send you the people and resources you need. You’re not building the dream, your responding to a call. The success or failure of the vision you carry is not dependent on your skills, assets, or gifting, but on your obedience to keep going….but friend, If God has given you a dream, it is enough.
God is not looking for perfect examples. He is looking for ordinary people willing to just love one another. He is calling the messy, the broken and the incomplete. This is good news for all of us. It means our role is not to show off; it’s just to show up. He will give to us and then He’ll give through us. We’re simply asked to be willing and brave enough to do it as we are and not as we’d like to be.
Yes…Education should help children develop their gifts and equip them to do whatever God calls them to do to further His Kingdom.

Snapshots of our week:

Fresh haircuts for the three of us!
My hubs 5 year bonus with the CN Railroad looks good on me ;) ha!
It was a cool night and fun watching these two run around kicking a soccer ball!
A man and his dog, love him!! Oh Zeke!
Another gorgeous sunset, God painting the sky, counting blessings, country living!
Having fun doing some art!
One of my favorite things to do everyday is walk to the mailbox, some days the kids join and we turn it into a nature walk!

Love this view at the end of our driveway, country living!
Little man had fun at his first night of soccer practice!

Socks has made himself at home and taken over Peter cat's chair!
Passion flower picked by my daughter, she found it in our yard, so unique looking!
I have the best husband and principal for Raising Arrows, fuel for school!!
Love coming across these little notes from my student aka daughter while grading!
This was a project, but it turned out great, thanks to my hubs and kids for their hard work!

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