Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I am breathing eden~book review

I am so excited to be a part of the book launch for Jennifer Camp's new book, Breathing Eden~Conversations with God on light, fresh air, and new things. Oh my ladies, this book, every section has been heart and soul filling!

I first came across Jennifer's Loop devotions, which are full of so much depth a couple months ago. In that process I found out about her new book coming out soon and jumped in to be a part of the book launch. So thankful they took me in! I can not tell you what a blessing it is to be a part of this launch. The stories, hearing the ladies hear from God, the deep soul touching prayers. It just made me realize some things currently in my life that I have been holding in and this book has helped me to be open to seeing and writing those out to God and being open to hearing from God, rather then being stubborn and holding it in. I tend to do that, hold my feelings in, until it is too much type of person. So not healthy, I know! Relying on God's promises and confidence so much more peaceful!

The intro had me with these words "No matter our circumstances, we need God's perspective on them. We need to know how He sees us. Come on, girl, He says. Let my light shine in."

This book consists of stories from 40 women and their prayer to God and His answers back. Some of these women I so related with and some women had really hard hurts where I just wanted to reach through the page and hug them. At the end of each story and conversation is a place for you to personally write your own story. Each story, has scripture and questions to take you deeper into hearing what God may be communicating with you. This is not some beach read, this is a slow deep thought provoking read, a book to take your time with, book where you can read a story and pick up anywhere in the book later on. A book you can spend 5 minutes with or hours with. A book to come back to again and again. You will find yourself in the pages, and other women in your life throughout the book. So if you are having trouble hearing and listening to God, want some truth, want to see the light, breath, and see new things, then get this book. This book has touched my heart in many ways. It's deep and full of so much heart ♡

Right now there are some great bonuses that Jennifer is offering at http://www.jenniferjcamp.com/ when they pre-order now and she shares more information about her book at her web-site. Also I would suggest to also sign up for her Loop devotional.


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