Friday, September 9, 2016

School break, encouragement, and snapshots!!

This week in Raising Arrows, was our first school break of the new school year!! We finished six weeks of school, so it was time for a little R and R! The husband took a few days off and we headed to Chattanooga, may I just say, I love it, my new favorite city! We went to the Aquarium, watched an IMAX film titled American Wild: National Parks Adventure (Which reminded we why I so love nature and all the reminders of God's wonders!), and we went to  Rock City at Lookout  Mountain (Which was another reminder of what my soul needs more of, nature!). While there I had to deal with being afraid of heights and being in tight places, yes just a little claustrophobia, but the beauty, nature~so worth it! We ate at some fabulous restaurants and the kids played a lot in the pool, which we had to our entire selves! Definitely one of the perks homeschooling is going places when everyone else is working and back in school, so we dealt with no crowds!!

The next few days I will work on our plans for the next 6-8 weeks in Raising Arrows and enjoy a little down-time, which includes reading time for me!! That is how this mama refreshes her soul, family time, reading, nature, and organizing/planning!

Encouraging reads this week: 
No one dream is meant to be the “ultimate” dream. Each dream is supposed to seed the next. 
Let’s consider what Proverbs 31 looks like through the homeschool lens. 
The gospel frees us to live a life of freedom knowing that we are loved as we are. 
I was born and raised in MN, when the disappearance of Jacob happened, I was a teenager, I remember the story clearly and how scary it was. They now have an answer, not what they hoped for but…Mrs. Wetterling’s wisdom and grace so touched my heart. Love wins! So in the actual face of tragedy, staring us down from the paper and the news and the internet, what can we do? 
Yes to every one of these, 10  reasons homeschooling is a gift to our family:

SNAPSHOTS of our week:

This girl celebrated her 8th birthday with dear friends that visited from out of state!
Why yes, birthday cake for breakfast!
Made it to Chattanooga, enjoying lunch at an outside cafe!
Aquarium with these cuties!
Penguins are fun to watch!
This girl got herself a butterfly, at the butterfly garden!
Fun at the pool, pool train, added bonus all to ourselves!
Downtown view, ready to head to the mountains!
Love my family! Enjoying Rock City!
My loves!
Mushroom rock!
Little man always has the cutest facial expressions, loving the light shining down on these two!
Reminder of HIS light shining!
See Seven States!
God bless the USA and the southern states!
At Lover's Leap with my love!
Such a peaceful place!
My crazy little birds!
We came, we saw, we conquered!


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