Friday, September 16, 2016

Week 7 of Raising Arrows, Snapshots and Encouragement!

Wise reminder!

A week after a vacation is hard to get back into the swing of things, but we survived, woot woot!!! Before vacation ended, we snuck in individual dates with the kids and made some fun memories! The hubs finished another project, and started on another, as you will see in the pics below. He never ceases to amaze me!!
The kids finished up their read-a-thon this week, that is a part of our homeschool co-op! Well that was one of the easier challenges for us, because our curriculum is literature based so we get in a ton of reading in as part of school and we pretty much love reading! There goal was to read a minimum of 240 minutes in a two week period! The kids have another week to collect sponsor money, so if you are a reading fan and like to sponsor some great kids in winning some money for prizes and books, contact us! It has been fun to be a part of encouraging reading with a great program from Usborne!

I found out I am a part of the Love, Listen, Repeat a new book coming out by Karen Ehman, oh my I just love her! Check out her blog and watch for upcoming info on the new book soon at

Weekly encouraging reads:

Scientists are now discovering that what God has been telling us all along is not simply “good advice”. Giving thanks is far more than nice little phrases for our cute little daily bible-verse-calendars with eagles flying on them. There is life-transforming power when we put gratitude into practice.

Here’s reality: life is hard! Yet, God has so gifted us with a means to remind each other of the gospel in Christian community.

These are the masks of God, behind which he wants to remain concealed and do all things.

To walk through life as a woman of wisdom, knowing what God sets down in His Word as His priorities will direct your days and your choices.

Weekly Snapshots:

Heading out on a golf date with daddy! Zeke and his puppy dog eyes!
Mama and son date, heading out shopping together.
On a date with daddy at the tractor pulls!
Us girls stayed home for popcorn and Little House On The Prairie
I have grown to love soccer, love watching my little man, he ran hard!
Socks is venturing out, under the watchful eye of Peter!
Love catching sleeping babies, precious!
Sometimes more comfortable to do schoolwork on the floor!
Mama said there be days like this, need coffee!!!
Another project done by the hubs, basement steps finished!

New project started, finishing out the guest room!
Never tie of God's beautiful sunsets! In awe!!

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