Friday, September 2, 2016

Weekly encouragement and snapshots from our neck of the woods!

An everyday prayer, love this!
Today we finish week 6 in our Raising Arrows school year, been a busy, but blessed week! We are looking forward to a week long break!! We started back yesterday with our homeschool co-op for a new year of learning together and having fun, Aidan played his first soccer game over the weekend, and today some of my fav peeps are coming to visit. Audria has provided much homeschool wisdom, to which I am so thankful for and she is just an awesome friend. Plus our kids enjoy playing together, unfortunately we live 4 1/2 hours away from each other. Last year about the same time, we both made transitions in our life, she moved to northern KY, while we moved to TN. Thankful to the internet, so we can stay in touch.

So today, keeping it short, since we are finishing up some school work and getting ready for our friends. I do have some weekly encouragement to share from some articles I read this week and of course some snapshots of our week. In just a few days, we will be celebrating a birthday! I am not sure what to think about that, I am excited and it is wonderful watching your children grow up, but it also means they are growing up and some day will leave mi casa! However, that is the part of raising children!

Encouraging posts worth checking out: 
The reality is I’m a flawed human being. I’m not perfect today and I won’t be tomorrow, next year or on the day I take my final breath. I’m also a woman created by God with strengths, gifts and much to offer. We all are. 
I may feel weak, but I am strong because I belong to the Lord and He is my strength. 
But GOD IN YOU is enough.  The best mentors are often the ones who feel most ill-equipped. 
So many great resources/links…Innovative Homeschooling: Let's Talk Learning

Snapshots of our week:
I am a part of this wonderful encouraging book launch, I have only read a short bit and this is one book all the women I know need.
Little man ready for soccer pics and Saturday game day!

Waiting to start playing, we are excited!
Sis cheering on her bro!
Sometimes during reading, they build!
A homeschool mama afternoon need, iced coffee!
Love it when my children pick flowers, especially these unique looking flowers.
One spoiled dog, Oh Zeke!
This was before karate, yes we had a fun busy day! Sneaking in a little nap!
Someone is loving the happy mail she has been receiving for her upcoming birthday!!

Even little man received a little happy mail!
Beautiful night at our pond, watching the sunset and my man catch fish! Rest for the soul, God painting the sky, counting blessings!
This crew is excited for our first day back to homeschool co-op.
My men, dove hunting. Aidan was so excited, his first time!

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