Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Come Lord Jesus~The Weight of Waiting~Advent Devotional

It won't be long and the Christmas season will be upon us. I was blessed to be a part of a wonderful book launch for new book Come, Lord Jesus. This book releases October 18th!!! The words in this book are deep! I was encouraged in this book to sit, be still and in this season to be more aware of our Lord's presence, during which many times it the most busiest time of year. Kris Camealy wrote Come Lord Jesus~The Weight of Waiting, for this time. I know I can get wrapped up in the to do's, become easily distracted, and loose sight of the importance of the meaning of the Christmas season. Instead, I want to keep the main thing-the main thing, and not feel the waiting down of the to do's. Instead enjoy the season, in its true holiness! One way for me to do that is to partake in participating in Advent. Kris describes Advent (which comes from Latin word adventus, which means "coming") as a time we are spent in waiting for something or someone~Jesus! The notion that SOMEONE is coming, leads to the anticipation of the awaited arrival. However we people are not very good at waiting, right, well at least I am not, I may be one of the most impatient people, though I am slowly getting better at it. Kris says, "We are a people uncomfortable with and unaccustomed to waiting. Waiting requires a measure of discipline; it demands patience, and if we will lean into that space, waiting teaches us something of our own sanctification." To do this, we need to do discipline ourselves to slow down, to whisper Come, Lord Jesus! This book is a wonderful tool to help you do just this! Slow down, take note, deepen your faith, and welcome Christ into your everyday living!

To hear about my waiting period go read my words at Kris Camealy's blog at

So if you have ever struggled with waiting or the season of Christmas overwhelms you, I would encourage you to go buy this 25 day devotional. Which you will start reading December 1st, as we wait and rest in the Lord for Christmas day. Each day there is scripture reading, along with a devotional, written prayer and question for reflection in the waiting. The author drew me in each day, she had me at the first day with this "Tenderly, sometimes fiercely, God put His finger into the hole left in the hearts of man, not to injure but to heal. But His healing hurts and so we shrink back, turn around, and like the ostrich, plunge our shame-filled heads into the quicksand of life. We live desert seasons, unwilling or unable to face the repentance God calls us to. We imagine that God is hiding from us, but it's we who have turned our hearts away and hidden our faces. It's we who have crossed our arms in defiance. When at last we awaken to our sin, when we see the ways it has manipulated our hearts, the cry comes from our lips-come, Lord Jesus. In our awakening, we see that God has been doing "things we did not look for" all along (Isaiah 64:3). He has always been acting "for those who wait for Him." In our sins we have been a long time, and shall we be saved (Isaiah 64:4-5)?...We shall be saved....Reflection...How am I wanting to see god move today?" Oh that was so powerful and that question at end and that was just the first day's reading!

Here are a couple other quotes I hi-lighted, though there were many more:
"The experience of knowing Jesus fulfills our hearts and lives completely. In Him, we lack nothing." ..."He makes His home in the hearts of those who love Him, however imperfectly we may live that out. We lace nothing because in Christ we have everything. His truth and glory revealed to us not only in Advent, but in the everyday moments of our lives, remind us that it is He who sustain us as we wait for His return." 

"Some of us are too pragmatic for such a dream life. We plant our heels in the soil of reality and keep our hearts on a tight leash, careful, reasonable enough not to let them wander into such fanciful, unregulated territory. But this is no way for the hopeful people of God to live. With God, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). Those who dream remember this, and so their hearts and mind can frolic in the hope of holy possibility. Their mouths can shout for joy and laughter can swell in their chests because the dreamers know that hope is what sustains us int he waiting."

"A pray-without-ceasing-with-an-attitude-of-gratitude lifestyle takes intentional effort and cultivation. Most of us do not inhabit this space by default, and without work."

"Church season, like Advent, root us in a tradition ages older than ourselves, connecting us to a history of generational, celebratory worship in the church that has gone before us. Traditions like Advent give us a familiar place to dwell, a place that has long been settled before we wandered in, and a place that will likely remain after we have wandered on to glory. The familiarity and routine of the practice comforts us, offering a stability when the rest of the world rocks and sways with discontent, terror, sickness, disease and chaos."

"Whatever our circumstances in the midst of the waiting, God invites us to keep singing. To keep going. To recall and treasure His proven faithfulness and to remember His deep, irrevocable compassion for us that came first in a manager, and then on a cross. Sing, for the Lord has called you." 

"To worship during seasons of worry takes more effort than most of us can muster. It takes holy intervention to turn our hearts towards praise rather than our problems. But God is always willing to woo us. He is always wanting our heart's full attention." 

Be sure to go check out Kris's web-site and find out more about this wonderful inspired book and where to buy it! Hey, she is going to have some give-aways too!! I am so looking forward to reading this again when Advent season starts, along with our Jesse Tree. Now I wait with anticipation!

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