Friday, October 28, 2016

Living and loving encouragement, weekly snapshots!

Question: Are we living for today or living for God? I am guilty many times for just focusing on the day, what I need to get done, and then forgetting the main reason I am here. Now I am not saying being focused on today is bad, I need that many times otherwise I will get overwhelmed, but who or what are we actually living for? This question is really worth spending some time thinking and praying about. It seems many today are so focused on the election and what will happen or not happen, I am over it. I did my part and voted, so now for the most part anything I see related to the election, I just pass on by. I know many of my friends are feeling the same way. I do however, encourage you to get out and vote, make a choice. I know many of you feel like we don't have a choice, because you don't care for the candidates, well I agree with you! So instead vote for the party that aligns most with your beliefs, and the people that surround and support them. When it comes down to that, it makes the decision a little easier. Most important pray, if anything is going to change, I believe in prayer and I trust God. That is what helps to give me peace in this election. Anyhow, moving on, back to that question, Are we living for today or living for God? It is a deep question, one that provokes a lot of feelings, thoughts, and things I want to do and change. I can be a selfish, internally focused instead of outward focused, distracted and not in the good distracted way. November is just a few days a way, it excites me in a way, because when I think of November, I think of it as a month of giving thanks! A month to focus on blessings and giving to others, but I don't want that to just be a month thing, but an everyday thing. So how to do that, I am not sure yet! I need to get back to writing down my blessings everyday, and focus on how I can bless someone each day. I am part of book launch group for and that is what this book is about: it is about how to give, how to love people where they are, how to listen to the heart's of people, to celebrate everyday ordinary things, how to reach out to the everyday people in your life and to those hard people in your life. When we do this we are showing love, and that is what I believe this world needs move of, love! The love that Jesus came to earth to give us, sacrificial love! That is how I desire to live, will it be easy, no! But with God, anything is possible! I just need to be obedient and willing! Oh and Ann Voskamp has a great give it forward today calendar, which shares the message of how pouring out and giving is what blesses us and I so agree with her! She is always sharing encouragement and ways to count blessings daily, go check out her site at: 
If you are in need of some hope while you are in the waiting, as this seems to be me lately, or a personal time of study, I invite you to join me and some wonderful ladies in the reading of Come Lord Jesus advent devotion. We will be gathering here for a sacred, communal journey starting November 27 at 

Weekly Encouragement: 
I think Jesus can handle that.
When this world wears me out and breaks me down and stomps on my heart a bit, may You be my vision, the only One I seek…because You are always good and You always love and You’ve already won.
We are bookish people — people of words, words, words, in service of the God who is holy, holy, holy.
In Sabbath, we allow our brain to make sense of our busy lives. We process what we have learned during the other six days of the week and apply meaning to what we’ve overlooked while moving at a frenetic pace.
Taking pictures is a natural way to slow down.  It’s also a handy tool for tracking the colors or patterns that you are noticing.
Love’s like waves — keeps reaching out no matter what tries to keep pulling it away.”

Weekly Snapshots:
Fridays we have art and music study at Raising Arrows. We learned about some piano composers, art showing fire and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible. It was a good lesson about people turning away from God.

Little man's Saturday soccer game, tomorrow is the last one of the season!

I escorted Dorothy and a Ninja Turtle to a community event near our town!
Photo with the Minon created by the karate studio the kids attend!
Beautiful fall day with these two having fun!
Game time!

Socks seems to be growing everyday, I do believe he will be bigger then Peter.
An evening walk with little man is never dull! At least I feel protected, lol!

Working hard on writing and reading!
Swim lessons, Aidan has really improved these last couple lessons. It was Abigail's last lesson!  She is a better swimmer than I. She will start back to golf lessons.

Autumn, I adore you! Look for the beauty in all things! Ecclesiastes 3:11
Ready for homeschool co-op!
I so adore the colors and the changes with the tree's!
Enjoying our walk to the mailbox and the sound of crunching leaves. Do you not love our choice of footwear? Kids and flip-flops and mama in boots, autumn in the south is confusing sometimes!
Peter-cat is one spoiled cat! He only likes my daughter, she is the only one he will allow to pick him up. Bless them, she carried him all the way back on our walk! Love!

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