Friday, October 7, 2016

Week 10, I think? Raising Arrows, Weekly Encouragement and Snapshots!

The weeks sometimes blend together, the weeks go by too fast! The days sometimes they go really slow, but counting it all JOY! Keeping the HOPE!
We have finished a few read-alouds in school these last few weeks, but The Door In The Wall by Marguerite de Angeli has been on of my favorites so far this year. Here is one section we read, that I am holding onto from it "God alone knows whether thou'lt straighten or no. I know not. But this I tell thee. A fine and beautiful life lies before thee...Fret not, my son. None of us is perfect. It is better to have crooked legs than a crooked spirit. We can only do the best we can with what we have. That, after all is the measure of success: what we do with what we have." 
Trying to find the balance some days is hard; wife, mother, homeschooling, household, reading, enjoying beautiful days, etc..., but I must trust that at the end of the day, as long as I have done it as well as I can and even at that if I don't, God has it. New mercies everyday! I am only to love, trust, and obey!

Encouraging Reads: 
Feeling fallish, fun series with ideas
failing to learn how to live in a pluralistic world, is failing in being faithful witnesses to Christ 
The world may get divisive and our hands may feel empty to do anything — but our hearts can always be full of love and this is what begins to change everything.
But thank God (literally) for interrupting me and saving me from myself.
real courage starts with showing up, seeing God, and knowing he see us—even if no one else ever does

Weekly Snapshots: 
(Prepare yourself for picture overload, I would apologize, but I am not sorry, I love capturing life and goodness. Also a visual person, I enjoy looking at pictures and capturing our days. Anyone on Instagram would see this, plus all my pictures from Instagram are made into photo albums through Chatbooks, with very little effort on my side, which saves me time. )
Ready to cheer on my little man, soccer game!!
Running after the ball!
Follow the leader!
Saturday, we had a fun afternoon with friends at Fall On The Farm!!

Corn pit!
Ready, set, go!!

Duck waterpump races!

My husband is a awesome, he knows me so well, this is love, best queso ever!!
This girl is ready for fall and to watch her brother practice soccer!
Ready for soccer practice!
Beautiful night on the soccer field and great reminder of God's light!

Sweet as a rose!

Good Ol Boy!
Love that she choose to use her gift card to get a new Bible!
This week the kids tested for yellow belt and passed, proud parents!
This girl teaches me so much, she read her Bible on an hour long drive! Blessed mama!
Enjoying a day with our homeschool co-op at The Homeplace an 1850s farm!
These red ox were huge!
Checking out the mule!
Learning how to weave, make blanket!
Checking out the wool and making yarn!
Spinning yarn!
Loved the beautiful quilts!
Tool shed!
Found herself a broom!
Wood for fence!
Thankful for a great day of learning!
Mama was tired, so daddy took us out to eat, this boy is in heaven, Steak n' Shake!
Christmas is coming! Choose JOY!!

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