Friday, November 4, 2016

Long weekend, countdown to a break, along with some encouragement and weekly snapshots!

We had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed 5 days of my husband being off work!! But the last few days has been back to reality, however we are excited for next week to come, so we can enjoy an unplanned school break, as we have some family coming in for a few days!! We worked hard trying to finish and clean up the guest room area. My husband enclosed an area into a room, and the bonus, it is sound-proof now!! Because if you have ever been in the basement and the kids are upstairs, it sounds like a herd of elephants upstairs! It looks great, mostly thanks to my husband! We only have to put in the false ceiling panels and a closet, but other than that, it is done! It took a couple afternoons to clean up all the sheet rocks dust and debris left from the aftermath of my husband's hard work!

Did y'all know it is November, I mean where did October go? I realized I really need to get back to counting my blessings daily, it really does help to keep the focus on all that God blesses us with and also so much easier to find the joy in ALL things! My daughter has also started, and I enjoy reading her journal. I started back November 1st, writing those in my journal and posting some of those on Instagram! Oh and Instagram is my preferred social medial hangout, it just seems to be less negativity and I enjoy looking at the many beautiful photos my friends post! I am a person who see's the glass half-full, not half-empty. I try to stay positive and encouraging and that is what I gravitate to also. I can see that as a flaw sometimes. So I apologize if it appears things are always going good, but let me be honest, I am a mess just like the next person. I just don't share much of that, only with my close people and my mentor. I am a work in progress, so why I need Jesus!

This was said in one of my book launch groups and it speaks volumes...Encouragement fills another person with courage!! Oh can you imagine if everyday we made a point to say at least one encouraging thing to every person we met! It doesn't have to be big, it can be: I can't wait to see..., You can do this..., You are amazing..., What a beautiful.., I love your..., Great job at..., What a super job, So proud of you, I love you, You are kind, You make me happy,....Yes, I do believe people need to hear good things, they need to know they are loved, they need to know also there is God that loves them deeply, more than they can comprehend! So yes, because of Jesus, I look for the beautiful things, I draw towards encouragement, I do my best to stay positive, in a world that sometimes wants to turn towards darkness! Lord, help me to be a light of You!

I am excited to share some favorite items and upcoming give-aways that will be happening soon, as soon as I get time to review them!
Thank @jbloombyphoebe for helping to create this perfect necklace for me! It represents our homeschool motto/name!
I love winning prizes but probably love giving prizes more, so thankful for this happy mail. I highly recommend this read, especially during the Advent season! Go to:
I will be doing a review and give-away of this soon! Thanks to FlyBy Promotions!
Another review and give-away I will be doing soon! Again, thanks to FlyBy Promotions!
This Sunday, I will be drawing a name for this book review, so be sure to enter...

Encouraging reads this week:
Moms, when you have to make hard, unpopular decisions, and you are swimming upstream, don’t waver. And when you see other Christians and blogs and articles telling you that your “verboden” area is nothing to worry about and why your kids should do XYZ, pray, ask God about it, then do the right thing.
Faith brings a confidence and assurance, not in what is going on around us or in people, but in our God. It rests solely on the truth that God is Who He says He is and will do all that He says He will do both now and in the time yet to come.
Sometimes I need this reminder...I Am, I Can, I Ought, I Will, OR: Do the Work of Homeschooling 
Your true self is the one that is valued and cherished by God. No.Matter. What.
What are your thoughts?  Do you believe that we can honor God, and disagree with one another?  Do you believe that ultimately God is bigger than this election, and has an eternal plan that’s far bigger than this election?  If so, let’s live like it we believe what He says in His Word today!
What we’re tempted to miss in the waiting is what we cannot see–what God is working behind the scenes for our behalf.

Snapshots of our week:
Thankful for beautiful autumn days to enjoy afternoon walks!

I seriously have the best husband! This girl has the best daddy! Early morning fingernail painting!
Last soccer game of the season, been a wonderful season and a joy to watch little man play! He smiles the entire time!
Receiving an award from one of his coaches!
Family time at Wurth's Farm!
Our favorite part, the hayride!
Having fun in the pumpkin patch!

Fun night at church, painting pumpkins!

She painted herself a cupcake pumpkin!
Trunk or Treat! Cat In The Hat!
Trunk or Treat! Spiderwebs!!
Trunk or Treat! Duck Dynasty!
The kids had a blast playing the games at our churches, fall fest!
Received an award of candy!
Received an award of candy!
Little man as a Ninja Turtle is ready to protect big sis as Dorothy for Halloween!
Halloween fun!
More Halloween fun!
Checking out the pilot's area!
Ready for take off!
This girl loves to sing, so this is the perfect way for her to learn geography! Yay, for homeschooling!
A bit of a rough start this morning, but thankful for my children's hearts and love of God to remind through this note they left on the counter for me!
Little man and I are waiting for daddio and sis to pick us up, after swim lessons! We had to divide and conquer, the hubs took Abigail to golf lessons. Parenting win!!
Nerds and Latin, a great combo! Another yay, for homeschooling!
Thankful for late morning sunrises!
Thankful for warm November fall days!
New walls and door for the guestroom!
Ready for our family/friends!
Added a little storage area for our guests.

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