Friday, November 25, 2016

Preparing, counting blessings, weekly encouragement and snapshots!
Yesterday as you know was Thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for this past year. It was wonderful having the husband home to celebrate Thanksgiving (which is rarity due to his job) and having our neighbor over for a delicious Thanksgiving meal! I sometimes miss spending time with all of my family, but through the distance and the years, I have come to be thankful for our new traditions, the friends and neighbors we have met during the last 13 years of living afar from our family.

As I was pondering on what Thanksgiving meant to me, I am so grateful for this month of November to remind me the importance of counting my blessings and to be thankful in all things. The kids finished their 12 day count-down to Thanksgiving and I finished 24 days of counting my blessings by posting a picture on Instagram each day and journaling. I am finding that it is the simple everyday ordinary things that are of most importance in our daily living. Yes, I am thankful for the big things, but I want to live moment by moment, not rushing, noticing God in the little things, finding everyday beauty in the ordinary mundane, learning lessons and growing in faith! Most important, none of those things would be possible if it wasn't for the sacrifice Jesus made for me (and you), to provide me the grace I need, which is usually daily!
Now we are just a couple days away from the start of Advent season and it seems Christmas is already in full swing by looking at my calendar and the things to be done. So now I am ready to focus on quiet and awaiting on the Lord Jesus. I want to remember not to rush through this season and get caught up in the things that distract me from what is important. I need to have my heart right and my focus right. I desire to be still, not frantic, to be at peace, not stressed. So today, we prepare our Christmas books, finish up cards, and prepare our Jesse Tree. Today I will set boundaries and remove things that distract me. What that all entails yet, I do not know, but I know with the Lord leading all will be good. If I end up stumbling, I know HE will pick me up. So thankful for this time of wonder and this season of giving and preparing the way for the Lord to shine through it all. O' Come Let Us Adore Him!

Weekly encouragement:
Dear friends…I know it’s loud out there. I know there is differing opinion and things look confusing. But none of this matters as much as this: at this moment, does Jesus have you? Does He have me?
Thank God, trusting pilgrims that we are 
This is awesome, do good… 
Advent isn’t a spiritual, alternative name for ‘Christmas’; it is its own season, a season of preparation for Christmas. Advent is when the anticipated joy of Christ’s first arrival puts us touch with our anticipated joy at His return.  Advent is a joy that helps us hope. 
When our chaos reigns, Christ does not and we lose sight of what we are living for, the coming of Holy again. And dear hearts, Holy is coming again.
Weekly snapshots:
The cold front moved in, along with some much needed rain. Great night for cuddling under blankets and movies!
Thankful for this Bible given to me 14 years ago, life changing!
These two are entering a contest at CN Railroad about what Christmas means to them. Thankful for my husbands job and company he works for!
Chilly frosting morning, thankful for heat!
How cool, Usborne-Shine-A-Light books in the children's meals at Chic-fil-A!
Put our tree up Tuesday, thankful for the hand me down tree, many home-made ornaments and ornaments received as gifts! Lots of memories in this Christmas tree!
Caught this girl late night reading! Book-worm!
Paining snowflakes with my littles, fun and messy!
Finished Thanksgiving count-down and our Thanksgiving tree!
My hubby home on Thanksgiving, he has my heart and soon the Christmas lights will all be up! Falalalala!!
Pie time! Pumpkin pie and pecan pie!
Oh Christmas lights, how you make me happy!
This seasons Christmas books and couple DVDs for our family!
My personal reading for Advent.
Made a few more prayer beads and prayer strands. It is a blessing to make these and pray over them to those that receive them, for more info go to this link here:

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