Friday, November 18, 2016

Weekly encouragement and snapshots of our week!

I am blessed and exhausted that's all....I have much I could say but some quiet is good. Not everything needs to be said or shared. I am taking some time to be still, which is not easy. I think the next few weeks is a good time to do that. I am ready to start the advent study I am participating in with a few ladies, taking in the lights, sounds, and smells of Christmas and waiting upon Jesus! HE is good and I pray this season you will come to know HIM. Love and blessings! 💓💕💗

Ally shares from her study time from Come Lord Jesus..Preparing our hearts takes time. It involves digging deep and being honest with ourselves. It means taking a good look in the mirror, actually facing that thing God’s convicted us of, removing all the entertaining distractions that take our time and focus. We need humility to enter in to the places where we’re weakest, into the broken spots of our souls. Heart preparation will definitely require repentance.

Encouraging Posts of the Week:

Hope will only and can only be found in Jesus Christ. He is the only person we can put our faith in. He is the only one we can cling to when we are lost.
We do our students a disservice when we concern ourselves so much with the tangible, the “practical,” and the measurable that we neglect to attend to their souls.
We are unsure how to live in kairos time — that big-picture awareness of eternity where time stands still. Outside of kairos, we miss the wonder of God, who is still here, still working, still setting things to rights.
Waiting isn’t meant to be a grueling process. What if we view it as a pause or an interlude, a place we can experience the peace of God while He works in us so He can work through us? He is actively working while we wait — a promise that never disappoints in the end.
This made me laugh…because I often get the same response from my kids when asked….“What did you do today?” “Nothing.” I did nothing. We all did nothing.
Yes to this….

Snapshots of the Week:
Learning about Veteran's Day

Thankful to witness a beautiful wedding with my husband. A beautiful reminder of our wedding day and journey!
Foggy morning sunrise
Beautiful afternoon for a long walk with these two! Thankful for November autumn days!
Collecting items from nature for a project.

Our leaf collection.
Leaf turkeys!
Thanksgiving count-down!
Thankful for the beautiful fall colors and tall trees, with sunlight shining through. Reminder of the Light that overcame!
Learning royalty words in Latin and having fun drawing them!

Woke up one morning to rainy weather and tired. God reminded me how awesome He is! The changing in the color of the leaves, the pinks and blues in the sky, and sunlight peaking through the clouds.
Someone got a new bed! We love this dog, even though he has anxiety and now recently diagnosed with allergies. Bless him!
Thankful for our homeschool co-op and our guest speakers, firemen. Learning about fire safety!
I have been working on an order! Being creative is soul-filling!

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