Saturday, January 7, 2017

A new weekly review, encouragement, and snapshots! 2017 is bringing change here...

Changing things up a little on my blog. Planning on a weekly review still, which will focus on Raising Arrows~our homeschool, weekly snapshots, and weekly reads. In addition, I am going to try, may not be every week but share what God is speaking to my heart or some encouragement on a separate post with link up with Holley Gerth's~Coffee For Your Heart. This is something I have realized I have missed doing. (This is my post this week You see, my soul longs for beautiful encouragement and wisdom and I enjoy encouraging others, bringing truth and happiness. Yes, there will still be books review posts throughout with some give-aways as those become available! So I guess you could say I am organizing my blog a little bit. I enjoy organizing and planning, reading and writing, and I need to be using those to bring glory to God. I realize I sound like some geek, but I am OK with that! I hope you will follow along still and be a part of my journey of faith! Disclaimer: I am not perfect, I get it wrong sometimes, but this is a journey of growing together and learning, about God! This is long overdue, no more worries about what people will think, no worries if not a single person reads it. What has helped me see this is a time pondering, journaling, and praying and this book The Happiness Dare. Jennifer has this assessment, what your happiness style is (how I am wired, how God made me). From this you learn how to best use your style (what I call personality) to live here on earth, while being a light of Jesus. To be honest, at first I thought, OK this sounds hokey, right? Well I took that assessment and my, oh my, spot on. For those who have done this and know what I am talking about, I ended up with two styles, I could not just be a one person style. There are 5 styles all together, but two of the styles scored only 1 point difference. My first style is Thinker and then a Doer (just call me Martha). Then I read what it meant, the good and the bad, well she labels it as what makes me tick and what my red flags are. I thought she was inside my head, reading my mind! For me it was an ah-ha moment! Anyhow, I will definitely be sharing more about this, but I first need to finish reading the book and doing the study. For now, let's get back to the weekly wrap up:

This was our first week back after Christmas break! Monday took a little longer then usual, but I am sure it had to do with us all being tired. We all so enjoyed the last two weeks of slowness, but we are now back in our routine and getting things done! I am learning breaks are good, rest is needed! I am not good at rest, but I am learning to be! It ends up it is sooooo good for the mind, body, and soul! We started our second semester and finished week 19 of school. We looked at the read-alouds we read during our first semester, we discussed and shared our favorites.  From Aidan's group of books, he said his three favorites were the Boxcar Children, A Grain of Rice, and My Father's Dragon. Mine from his group were Mary on Horseback and A Grain of Rice. From Abigail's groups of books, she said her three favorites were Sir Lancelot the Great, Good Queen Bess, and Captain Nobody. Mine from her group were Good Queen Bess and The Door In the Wall. May I just say, books are awesome, we need more people reading books! Books are one of the best things for the mind and soul! So much learning, discussion, wondering, and questions arise during these times!

With the kids back in normal routine, this mama is too. I started a new devotion and Bible reading plan in my morning time, so needed! Being rooted in Word, truth and encouragement first thing in the morning helps fuel my day. Of course coffee and good nights sleep do to, but I be lying if I told you I get enough sleep. I don't, one of the many reasons why I need Jesus. Here is what I am doing, and I would recommend these:

Weekly Encouragement:
I love this from Sally "Winter is a season for reflecting" and excited for her new book! She is one of my favorite bloggers and authors:
Yes this for me too..oh and I am so excited for her new book coming out soon and I am blessed to be a part of the launch too!! This year, I’m less about the letter of the law and more about a gentle easing, less about forcing a stringent rubric on myself, and more about embracing the softer rhythm and pace I know is best for me.
In our drunken places, Jesus draws near and asks, “Do you like cookies? May I get you one? Will you sit with me? How about rehab…may I accompany you there? May I pay the fee? May I come alongside you toward sobriety, then a new life, then a seat at my Table, then a job in my Kingdom? I went to the battlefield, I loved from the battlefield, to launch this love trajectory for your life. Protection from the Klingons. Sweeter than Jolly Ranchers. All you need is nothing. All you need is need.
There is much “noise” out there.
Being called to homeschool is a big deal. Just as God spoke to missionaries; just as God called missionaries, He has also called us, too. We each have a story. Take a moment and remember your story, remember your calling.
I just added a dozen books to my wish-list because of this list right here…
Weekly Snapshots:
That's my sexy husband cooking up some filet mignon to go with our lobster tails for our anniversary date dinner at home. He is all mine, he may have gone a little redneck style, we do live in the south after all. I am blessed he is all mine. We celebrated 12 years of marriage on New Year's Eve! Can not imagine my life without him, so thankful God place us together!
New Year's Eve was a rainy night, perfect for homemade pizza and movies. Nothing I rather be doing on the last night of 2016, except I rather the hubs be with us, but worked called. Hope you all had a Happy New Year!
All cozy in her blanket she made!
Little man sharing a seat with me, movie night!
Monday was a gloomy day (actually we have been having several of those days here), but I did not let that dampen my day. My joy comes from the Lord, He will direct my path and keep it straight. I only need to trust and be obedient. Simple? It is, if I make the time and listen. The Lord has been teaching me about being still. To do that I need to make a plan, let go of some things, trust HIM and be rooted in faith.
Trying a new art technique, DohVinci!
I told kids to pack some books for the car ride for a little quiet time on our drive. Well little man had a different idea about quiet time, ha! Bless him, he tired!
A reminder of God's creation, beauty, peace, light! The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands~Psalm 19:1 In awe, sunsets bring peace, rest!
Watching the snowfall from the warmth of my home. Peaceful Friday! A day like this calls for extra warm coffee and possibly pj's all day. Hope your Friday was restful! If not take time today!
The kids received Barnes and Noble gift cards for the Christmas poster's they made from my hubby's work, CN Railroad!

Brrr, my face hurts! The south is too cold! Little man and I braved the weather and walked to our mailbox. The walk turned into a run, this mama can run if need be, but oh my!


  1. Jennie, this so brought back some fond memories. We LOVED Ping and the Boxcar children :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and you know I agree with you!


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