Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Books of 2016

A few of you have asked what did I read in 2016, well I finally got my list together, though most of it is in picture form. It would be all in a picture, except the list of books is from my kindle. I have a love hate relationship with my kindle. Why is that? I love it for convenience, easy to travel with, buy books cheap or FREE, highlight and print the highlights. I hate that I have so many books on it that I haven't read, that I want to. When I read, I prefer the physical real book feel. Something about writing notes, easier to read from. So this year, for 2017, I am logging the books I read and I made a list a of books that are on my kindle in the order I plan to read them, so that, I won't forget the great books on it and I like to check something off when I complete it!
Something else to know, if I pick up a book, start reading it and don't like it, I will not continue to read it. However, that being said a couple years later I may pick up that book again and decide I do like it. It's all about where I am at in my season of life. So my list of books is not something you need to read from, but it may help you to see what is out there and I am happy to share my thoughts on any of the books to those that ask. If you read my blog you know I do book reviews so you can go look at those. For those books I am reading that are not part of book reviews, I do many times share about them, especially if the book spoke to me in a deep way that I feel may be beneficial to do some of my readers. A few of these books I have read a couple times, because they are so beneficial and will keep in my rotating pile. A note: I rarely looked at my reading stats, because I don't write for stats, I write because it is something that fills my soul and brings beauty into my life. There are many out there I do not know that read my blog, which I found interesting. So with that, if you are a book reader like me, I love to see your book lists, what you read. Many times if a book catches my interest, I will look it up and then add it to my wish-list, which keeps growing!
So with that being said, here is my list of the books I read on my kindle in 2016 in no particular order:
  • Blue Bike by Tsh Oxfender
  • If We Could Have Coffee and You're Already Amazing by Holley Gerth
  • Fixing My Eyes On Jesus by Anne Graham Lotz
  • The Confident Homeschooler by Pam Barnhill
  • Parenting The Wholehearted Child by Jeannie Cunnion
  • Surprised By Oxford by Carolyn Weber
  • They're Your Kids by Sam Sorbo
  • Habits The Mother's Secret To Success  by Charlotte Mason
  • Hands Free Life by Rachel Macy Stafford
  • Fringe Hours by Jessica N Turner
  • Kneeling in Bethlehem by Ann Weems
  • Hope For The Heart Of The Homeschool Mom by Jamerrill Stewart
Here is a picture of the books I read in 2016, hopefully you can zoom in for the title's or click on it to enlarge the photo.

Currently reading:
  • Katharina and Martin Luther by Michelle DeRusha (part of a book launch)
  • All Is Grace by Brennan Manning (kindle read)
  • The Happiness Dare by Jennifer Dukes Lee (and I was hesitant about this book first because of the title, but so far it is so good. If you read Love Idol, you will enjoy this book too. Perfect for the overcoming perfectionist and desire to live in joy.) 
Now with that those are just my personal books I read, we read many read-louds in our homeschool time together, that I could recommend too, but that I will share about at the end of our school year. Plus there are the children's books! OK so you see I have a slight problem, book addict. I may need an intervention or support group! Now you may be asking, where do I find the time? Well my hubs works crazy hours away from home, and I do a lot of late night reading! I don't watch a lot of tv, we will watch series together and I will watch some chic flicks from time to time. So with that, please do share with me what you are reading, have read, or your favorite reads!!! Happy reading!!! 😊

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