Monday, January 30, 2017

Katharina and Martin Luther: The Radical Marriage of a Runaway Nun and a Renegade Monk book review

Get the hard-copy of this book, great pictures inside!

500 years later, we knew little about Luther and Katharina’s life as husband and wife… Until now. “This book will hold your attention and open your eyes.” – Rev. Warren Wiersbe #KatharinaAndLuther For all the book details and more from this author check out her web-site at:


The first thing I saw, when I opened the book was her book dedication to her dad "the most Lutheran Catholic I know" I thought I think I am going to like this book, as I have Lutheran and Catholic roots, so it gave me a chuckle!! 

This book is the story of a famous couple most of us know Martin Luther and now we get more of the inside scoop about his wife Katharina, who was a runaway nun (what! shocking!). Who at that time in history would have thought, what an impact these two made to the church and not only that, they are an example of what a marriage should be and represent. "Together, this legendary couple encountered tremendous adversity and preserved n the face of hardship. They experienced joy and grief, triumph and travail in their twenty-one years together. In short, they were human, which means they were flawed and fallible, just like the rest of us." You will read about how their unlikely union happened 500 years ago and just how "chancy" it was, she was a run-away nun and Martin a renegade monk! You will feel for how she was raised and basically given away at a young age, you will cry with them at losing their child, and mourn with her when Martin died. Katharina is a great role-model for us women, she had great dedication to her faith and family. She went through many hard-ships in life, but never gave up! More than that, this book is so well written, the details, the history! Michelle DeRusha, the author, keeps you from putting the book down! Michelle, did her research when she wrote this book! I love how she included so many details (living conditions, marriage customs, childbirth and raising, church history/theology). This book is so intriguing and interesting to read. I don't think I have ever read such a great biography, usually they are kind of dull, but this has life to it! So if you enjoy reading biographies, have never read a biography, or are interested in some church history from one of the most famous couples, you will want to read this book and then add it to your library. We can learn so much from them about faith, love, and life today! I have already decided this book will be future reading for my children in our homeschool!  

This book releases tomorrow, January 31, 2017, so go look for it, you know my favorite book place to shop is Amazon, but it will be at all the major book stores!


  1. Jennie, this was such a great and fun review!

    1. Thanks Joanne! Glad you were a part of it too!!

  2. Your review makes me want to read this book. Do you know if the e-book offers the pictures? Asking because my kindle is the quickest and easiest way for me to purchase a new book. Thanks, Casey


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