Friday, January 20, 2017

Weekly Review, Encouragement, Snapshots, and a pic tip!

Happy Friday!! Yesterday, I picked up a couple pillows to bring a little beauty into the living room. Today especially, I have a feeling the world is going to be extra loud, and it is for good reason, it is the Presidential Inauguration. However, there are people that love him and people that do not, and you know what you are allowed to have an opinion. Let's please remember, either way we need to show kindness, love, and support. Being unkind, hateful, only causes division and what we need is to come together, whether you support the President or not. In the end, all that matters is Jesus is, was, and will always be the King of all Kings!
May we remember no matter what to live, laugh, love!
You know my word for the year, is REST, I honestly haven't done well in that area this week, so after this post, it is time for a mini sabbath! This world can get loud at times, and I need some time for soul care! That is what sabbath is for me, resting in HIS presence, and that also includes taking care of me. We must rest in order for HIM to rise within us. I heard a couple great tips this week on a podcast I listened to, that I am finding helpful. Make a no list (things you don't need to be doing, things that in your season need to be no's) and do the good work (for me, what brings glory to God, what needs to be done, what brings truth, beauty, and goodness)! That helps my focus in this world that can seem loud at times! I need to remember to stop distracting myself and nurture my soul!

So this week was an exciting week, we all got our hair done, well all but one, the hubs doesn't have hair on his head! We were a bit over-due and we all did a little something different this time, so thankful for our talented hair stylist! I drive an hour to see her, so I try to spread them out, but she is worth it!! Our missing cat~Peter, came home! Our girls, aka chickens, started laying again! I got rid of two bags of stuff from my kitchen, working slowly on decluttering, oh how good it is for the soul!

We finished up some great read alouds this week, Johnny Appleseed, Peter The Great, and Strawberry Girl. I have two books I am almost finished with, so maybe I will share about those next week. Yes, I am one of those who reads more than one book at a time! Usually one is a review book, the other is personal book, and if I am reading a third book also, that is just a lite book (something that won't cause me to think too deeply), I read those when I am waiting for kids at their activities or when I am a bit tired but want to read something. However, I am a part of two new book launches so reading may slow down a bit, which I am so excited and blessed to be a part of. They are both Bible studies, the first one is for Word Writers-James (and I am currently doing the Philippians one now)!! The second one is for Sacred Holidays~The Final Days of Jesus, this is a Lent study! I have heard great things about Sacred Holidays Advent study, so I can't wait to start on it! AND 10% off the sales goes toward prison ministry! Here is a little about it: The Final Days of Jesus for women, men, and families. From His Triumphant Entry to the Resurrection, we will follow Jesus step-by-step. We will go slowly along side our Savior. As we study His Word, we will take breaks every other day to practice what He modeled-- we will pray, fast, sabbath, and seek justice. Fun covers for women (design your own covers) and families (color your own covers). We will be hosting daily winners for design!

So you are here for the tip? Or maybe more, but if you are looking for a time-saver and to stay up to date on your photo albums, go to the bottom of the post where I share about Chatbooks!!

Encouraging Reads:
We live in an age of fast transportation, fast computers, fast Internet access, fast food, fast videos, and fast social-media scrolling — and they’re all only getting faster. This is shaping our assumptions. We expect to be able to do everything at faster speeds and greater volume.
living intentionally—minimally, simply, slowly—can increase white space in your life. This white space provides opportunity for delight to bloom
Without rest, our lives can never function at their optimum level.  Even computers and machines need to shut down for maintenance.  Why do we think we don’t?
Everything can change in an instant.
“When we take the ‘shoulds’ off the table we find out why we’re really waking up in the morning and our true purpose.”
When you need an acronym for STOP How do we find purpose in those seasons when life seems capsized by circumstance?

Snapshots of the week:

We have been praying for this cat, he has been missing for a week and look who returned! Happy girl, celebrating! Thank you Lord! I wrote about my God lesson here:

Took a nice slow quiet walk to the mailbox on a rainy day. It was lovely, listening to the rainfall and taking in the fresh cool air. A great way to take in quiet and rest. Remember to take the time to connect, to get quiet, it is so good for the soul.

This cat breaks all the rules (no cats in the house)!

A beautiful sunrise before the rains come in. Thank you Lord for your great reminders and grace! These wise words from Martin Luther King "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

It's a joy to teach this boy and hear him reading!

I am so thankful for Sonlight's awesome IG's to help us in guiding our learning, plus all the awesome books!

Little man went for the faux-mohawk!

This sweet girl went for a long-bob.

It's a great day, when you get your hair done and the hard-copy of the book you have been reading for review arrives!!!

Yay, my girls have started laying again!! It's the little simple things!! Fresh eggs! Molting is no joke!

We enjoy read aloud time! Sis is reading from the Beginner's Bible.

We finished these great books today during our read aloud time! This is also where we like to sit and read together. Sometimes we get out the blankets 😊

Here is my tip, CHATBOOKS!!! A time-saver, my photos are organized!
So a year ago, I asked how do people keep their photos, do they anymore, are there any time savers? Well I did some research and came across Chatbooks!! These are my photos from 2016. If you click on pic you can see the months the pictures are from on the spines of the albums. The last photo shows the covers, inside the album each page has a photo with a description below each pic. The pics are pulled from my Instagram account automatically to the Chatbooks app. You care able to delete a photo(s), change descriptions, and/or you can add your photos manually if you like. I basically check my Chatbook account twice month to see check the progress of the albums (literally takes 1-2 minutes). Each album has 60 photos in it. Once you reach 60 it goes to print in a couple days, a notice will come to you prior to print, so you have time to review and make any changes you want.
I use to be behind in photo albums all the time, last time it was almost two years, now I get an album almost monthly, with only a few minutes of time needed. (That time will vary depending on how many pictures you take.) Each book is only $9.99, they are great quality, very durable, the kids enjoy flipping through them again and again. If this is something you are interested in go check them out, I do have a coupon for your first one free if you decide you are interested, feel free to use it

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