Sunday, February 19, 2017

Are My Kids On Track ~ Review

I many times hesitate reading parenting books, I usually though do read one once a year. I already started one I picked out for this year, but then Bethany House offered Are My Kids on Track? by Sissy Goff, David Thomas, and Melissa Trevathan  as a review. The title of the book almost deterred me away, but I have learned you can't judge a book by it's title. I was surprised as just how good this book is and seems to be spot on with the many issues children and adults are facing today. This is a book I would recommend to parents, teachers or those that volunteer/work with children. Check it out here

The book shares about people's struggle in dealing with emotions, having social skills and lack of faith. These are important areas that shape us and if we as adults lack them, more than likely our children will also, unless we become intentional in caring, listening and teaching our children. Can you imagine the culture shift we would have if we all did this as parents and teachers!

The authors are Christian counselors, who have years of experience, and have backed up the information they share based on research, the Bible, and experience. I know many parents desire for their children to know who they are because of who Jesus is. But sometimes we as adults miss that! Spiritual truth matters and we need to know it and teach it, as the Bible has told us to do. We can not depend on our church or our children's Sunday school teachers. Here are some of the points you will learn more about as you read this book.
  • Teaching kindness matters more than being nice. 
  • Learning to disagree with respect matters. 
  • Be more concerned about our children's character and not happiness. 
  • As parents we should teach our children how to take ownership, instead of blame or ignore, when they cause a problem or do something wrong. 
  • Remind our children we all struggle, need God and community, this is a healthy way to live. 
  • Learn to respond rather than react when we have a situation. 
  • Teach empathy in action early. 
  • Understand when conflict becomes competition.
  • Dealing with strong-willed children. 
  • The warnings of being passive aggressive, instead learn to speak with strength and kindness. 
  • Assume the best about people, assume the other person wants to be kind, assume they want to do the right thing. Give them the benefit of the doubt , when you are not entirely sure they deserve it. More than likely will provide a much better result, then assuming and accusing right away.
  • Teach kids to see themselves as valuable, that they are enough, and that they should build their confidence from a God who loves and knows them. 
  • As parents we need to live out the Gospel in a way that speaks truth in the lives of our children. 
Another great point about this book is it shows the difference between girls and boys as they go through the different child-age stages and potential stumbling blocks. The authors give great examples of issues and then provide building blocks for those issues for us to use to help as situations arise, to use to help prevent certain negative attitudes and wrong-doing.

 "Ultimately your choice will either be determined by fear or by truth."

"A child's spiritual development is the only thing that science has shown to reliably predict fulfillment, success, thriving. New science is basically telling us what the old truths have always been saying. Faith is foundational! Your child's spiritual life matters most of all and science is now backing it up." Hallelujah I say!!

"The way you help God lay the foundation of their spiritual lives truly does make the most important difference in who they are and who they're becoming." So we should be helping our children discover their uniqueness, messiness, beloved identity is in Christ.

"Boundaries create safety and security. They may not be popular, but they are so important to healthy development~emotionally, socially, and spiritually."

**To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, Bethany House Publishers has provided you with a complimentary copy of this book. My opinions and review are my own.

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