Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Join the online study~Word Writers

I found this great study as I was searching for something to do in my morning time at the start of the year, Word Writers. I bought the Philippians study and finished it last month. Now you don't have to do it the morning, sometimes I don't get to it till later in the day, depending on my morning. I so enjoyed reading the daily devotions Denise Hughes wrote and shared, which are so relatable. I enjoyed the challenging questions that took me deeper in the study, and also writing the Word. It really helps to connect the brain, heart and soul by reading, studying and writing! It is something I have been doing the last year on my own in my journal, but this is so helpful to have a specific place and it is focused on one book in the Bible at a time. Denise, recently released a new study James and I am excited to be a part of this launch and go through and study it online with a group. Don't worry you are not late to the party, so to say. If you are interested in being a part of the online study, it starts February 17th, that gives you plenty of time to get your book. To sign up and find out more go to http://wordwriters.us/james/
I may have already peaked at it, it is going to be so good!! Why, because it focuses on the Word of GOD!! I promise you will learn something! So who is in? Who wants to know more? I sure hope you will join us! #WordWriters

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