Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Story Travelers BIBLE review

My all time favorite book is by far the Bible, because it is the only book that is full of truth and is life changing! I am so thankful for Tyndale Publishers allowing me the opportunity to review this new Bible for children~The Story Travelers Bible created by Tracey Madder with illustrations by Tim Crecelius.

We have decided to read a story a day at bed time. My children love it! They enjoyed hearing about the three children involved in this. These children are taking a trip through the Bible from Genesis to Revelations. It all started when the children began asking a question based on a statement their teacher Mrs. Morgan said, "The best way to get to know God is to read His Word." They realize that one of them never reads the Bible and the other knows some of the stories. So this is where their journey begins, at the beginning it is dark, and then God said "Let there be light." The children continue to go through the Bible story by story.

I like the illustrations, very vibrant and the layout. This children's Bible shares the story and directs you to the scripture in the Bible to read further, and provides a memory verse for each story for your children to memories. Throughout the Bible are details about the cities and places mentioned, sections throughout to provide questions to think about, and how to build your faith. This is one my favorite children's Bible I have read. So I would highly recommend it for your toddlers through elementary aged children.

From Tyndale
Trim Size:6.625 x 8.5  
Release:March 2017 

Join Lana, Munch, and Griffin on the adventure of a lifetime as they travel through the Holy Land and learn about the stories, cultures, people, and places of the Bible. High-quality illustrations, engaging sidebars, and scripture passages draw kids into the narrative. The Story Travelers Bible teaches kids that the Bible is more than just a bunch of tales told by parents and Sunday school teachers, but the Bible documents God’s work in and for His people from the beginning of time. The Story Travelers Bible will take kids on a ride through 85 Bible stories.

To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, Tyndale House Publishers has provided you with a complimentary copy of this book. My opinions and review are my own.

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