Friday, February 24, 2017

Weekly encouragement, snapshots, and peek into our week

Reminder to self: Being brave can be hard, but GOD...
Thanks for stopping by, we enjoyed the beautiful 70 degree weather we had this week!! Finished up week 26 of homeschooling for the school year. I have started to research and look at curriculum for the upcoming school year, actually one of my favorite things I like to do. Are any of my homeschooling peeps planning and researching too? If so what you you looking at? I am struggling with what to do for writing/grammar/spelling next year, I think I have a plan. I am glad we have so many choices, but it gets a little overwhelming when deciding. Going to need to do some praying about it. Today we head to my small group Bible study for a lunch gathering today, so looking forward to it!! Been an emotional week, but God is still good as always, He gives us new mercies and grace everyday, and He is everywhere, so look for Him in all you do. He is even there in our trying times, so thankful!
If you need some encouragement this week stop by my Wednesday post  and check out the links below.
May you all enjoy the weekend! I will be preparing for the Lent Bible study I am participating in, planning our school week and getting ready for co-op class this upcoming week. Most important resting in HIM, this mama needs some quiet time!

Encouraging reads:
Whatever it is, we all find ways to accelerate through life and achieve more the quickest way possible.  Yet, when it comes to our relationship with God, there are no shortcuts.
We’re all recovering from SOMETHING, if we’re awake.
Y’all thought I read a lot, but 200 books a year, wow!! But here is the answer to those of you who do want to read more
Living an authentic Christian life is just hard, isn’t it?
Your work, no matter how big or small, infused with God’s Word, done God’s way brings glory to God.

Snapshots of the week:
I have lost my voice for a few days, so this girl helped me with read-alouds.
I think our cat thinks he is a dog. He scared the neighbors dog away from our other cat. He then joined us for a walk, and Abigail carried him back home.
Little man talking to the horses.
My Friday night buddy, snoring!
So thankful for the warmth and sunshine we had this week. So needed! Enjoyed a beautiful walk with my little crew!
Captured the setting of the sun. Always beautiful, always a reminder to me of God's goodness and peace.
Write like an Egyptian. We learned about communication throughout history. Here we translated our names into hieroglyphs.

The life of a cat!
This girl is organizing her daddy's tools.
Hubby went fishing and brought us home supper!
Joint art project of a Bluejay.
Little man helping me get the mail, while he makes sure to go through every puddle in our driveway!
My little super hero is ready for learning time!
Sometimes learning looks like this. Sometimes we prefer to work on the floor. Puzzles and art fun, being creative and learning!

Hard to see, but this humbles my mama heart, she wrote a sweet note to the tooth fairy and told her, "Jesus loves you"! So of course the tooth fairy wrote back and told her the same!

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