Friday, February 3, 2017

Weekly Encouragement, Snapshots, and saying no...

It is hard saying no to things, especially when they are good things. However, I have learned I can not say yes to every good thing that comes my way, even when I desire to. I need to make sure I am taking care of my commitments that God has given me. So important to pray and put all things before the Lord! Honestly, I don't always do that at first, remember I am a work in progress and I thank God daily for His good graces!

When in doubt I go back to my life verse!
A couple months ago I signed up on a whim for an opportunity to be a part of a curriculum review group. I didn't know at that time whether I would get accepted or not, but I did, and at first I was excited about it. However, I started to have a couple sleepless nights and struggled with anxiety about the whole situation. So I pushed paused, took some time to pray and align myself to what is important at the moment. I realized at this season in my life, I do not have the time to devote the required time to review curriculum and give it 100%. Curriculum takes time to try and making that work in what we do now would cause us chaos. It is not always easy saying no, but after I did, I felt a big relief! The group was gracious to me too. God has been teaching me a lot in this season of life. I have had to let go of a lot of things and learn it is OK not to do all things, to not be successful, that I need to earn a certain recognition, or accomplishment in this world. However, HE has other things for me at this time in my life that need my attention and I need to trust this journey. Being a stay at home mom, raising little warriors is one of them. I sure thought when I said yes to that, it was going to be easy compared to my prior career of working hospital administration. I am sure God had a good laugh at that thought of mine! God is looking at my heart and my obedience to HIM. So I may not do big things, but that is OK, I am doing what God has placed in my journey. None of our journeys are going to look a like, so please don't hear me as saying this is what you should do too. But instead, do as God says, His Word:
~Seek first the kingdom of God
~Trust the Lord and He will direct your path
~God looks within at the heart
~God's opinion manners over others
~Seek God and He will give you the desires of your heart
(reference Proverbs 3:5-6, 1 Samuel 16:7, Galatians 1:10, Psalm 37:4)

So this week we finished week 23 in homeschooling and co-op started back up, it was a bit busy, but none the less we made it, all things possible with God, right and well coffee helps too! You can see our snapshots of the week and see some other fun things. Of course in between there were some not so great moments, but I spared you on that, who wants to hear about my bad moments, cleaning up puke, etc... Instead I will keep it encouraging, because that is what this mama needs in her life to see, to focus on the good, even though it seems this world would have you see it differently. I choose to believe there is far more good out there and joy to be found every where!

Encouraging reads:

For the homeschooling mama’s
Awesome list of info/resources for our homes/families
Don’t miss this…You make beautiful things
It looks like being faithful this afternoon. It looks like submitting ourselves to God’s word, ready to do what it tells us to do even when that doesn’t seem like it’s very exciting. It looks like loving our husbands and loving our kids and showing hospitality and getting rid of discontent and self-pity and malice.
Lot of good advice and kindness here, so needed for a time such as this..,

Couple reviews I did this week, in case you missed them:
Katharina and Luther
Winner of Bear Hug~Joanne Viola 
Snapshots of the week:

Saturday or Sunday afternoons are my planning days, when I prepare for the upcoming week and get our board ready for Raising Arrows. The verses we work on memorizing are always timely for some reason. So why I think God has a sense of humor!
A much needed little walk to the mailbox to enjoy peace, fresh air and smell of pine trees. Reminder of HIS presences, all around us. Take a moment and step outside and get in touch with nature!
This little man always provides lots of laughter. He said mama when  I grow up I'm going to be a ninja, OK son!
This girl has worked two days on this poster, turned out awesome!
Sunday church day, thankful, blessed!
Love this! Big sis, reading to little bro!
Monday was a full day with learning and dental appointments. A must needed little refuel between appointments was necessary!
This girl made herself a mini cardboard house. Love her creativity, may she never lose it!
Later on she added to it, every house needs a dog house too with a skyline!
We had some beautiful weather this week in the south. So of course, we went to the golf course! Little man giving it a try, love his smile!
Abigail got together with her golf coach for golf lessons! She is excited and getting ready for some PGA Junior League again! 
Beautiful creatures out in front of the mailbox grazing this week. God's creatures, big and small!
Working hard at math!
Monday's we start out with a new Latin lesson, she loves the video's! Thank goodness for video's as Latin is new to me too!
This girl and animals, they love her!
A beautiful peaceful sunset at the end of a busy day is always refreshing and soul filling. God is good!
My hubs took this awesome pic the other night, oh the sky, oh the heavens above!
Happy Friday, may your day be as sweet as these cinnamon rolls, look for joy, celebrate the everyday ordinary!

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