Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekly Wrap, Encouragement, Snapshots, It's been Busy Fun!

It's been a busy fun week! So I didn't have time to do a mid-week link-up, however that is OK in my book, life isn't lived reading and writing all the time! 😏

This kids are having some extra fun this week, we had a field trip Thursday with friends to Discovery Park to see the DaVinci exhibit, a must see!! Today is mama Bible study (and the kids enjoy it too, time to meetup with some of their friends and play), whoohoo!! Tomorrow, is karate camp and Sunday the kids have a fun event at church they are planning to attend!

We did complete another week of school, which included finishing reading aloud Little House In The Big Woods and Twenty-one Balloons. My husband said the other day that I need my own substitute teacher sometimes. Haha, I laughed, but yes some days that is true. This path isn't always easy (it's not meant to be), but it is worth it. All the planning, reading, math problems, and learning together can wear a brain out, but I love learning together with them. I love learning all the things I missed, the schools didn't teach or that we didn't get to spend more time talking about. I hear many of you out there complaining about the schools, but there is a choice, there is school choice. So be sure to explore all options, take time to pray about it and whatever you decide be committed to it, be involved. Our children need us! Oh and no it doesn't take patience, because I don't have it! 😉

I want to share with you a couple great books that recently released:
So if you are looking for a Valentine gift for the books lovers, this is great one! Some of my favorite Christian authors have come together and shared encouraging marriage stories from their lives. Stories that celebrate the heart of marriage
If you are looking for a Lent Study, join me, there are a few online groups and Sacred Holidays is full of encouraging truth. The study is about the final days of Jesus. With variety each week including: Bible study, sabbath, prayer, and justice days. There is women's studies, and also correlating men and family studies. 10% of every purchase Sacred Holidays uses to provides studies to women in prison!

I have been pondering on some things I have been reading this week and from two video's I watched from the IF Gathering. If you have time, and I would recommend finding some time, watch these two speakers, so much, sooo good! My heart, my soul!! Wow, just wow, watch these two messages, powerful, convicting, good, (Jennie Allen) 
(Jill Briscoe)

Encouraging reads:
Does it serve its purpose—to serve my purpose?
Breath. Spirit. One. Breathe in…

Snapshots from our week:
Last Fridays Bible and art lesson, and Lego challenge. Moses and the burning bush. Lego dream car and enchanted forest.
Working on making Valentine boxes for next weeks co-op!
Handwriting lesson, filling out Valentine cards.
Caught in the act looking at books! This makes my mama heart happy, I think my book loving is passing down to another!
Such a "ruff" life. Dog life!
Learning about DaVinci! What a brilliant man!
DaVinci exhibit at Discovery Park. Trying out some of his inventions!
The Last Supper!
Painting the Mona Lisa!
Little man!
Sweet girl!
Fast slide!
Knight in armor!

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  1. We saw a similar DaVinci exhibit a bit ago at our local museum and just loved it. Your museum looks like it's great fun!

    1. It was, we enjoy it! I am still amazed by DaVinci, after seeing his inventions, his mind must have never stopped!


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