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JESUS~The Life and Ministry of God the Son-Collected insights from A.W. Tozer~Review

Thankful for Moody Publishers for allowing me to review this book, JESUS~The Life and Ministry of God the Son-Collected insights from A.W. Tozer. I always find Tozer's writings thought provoking and relative to today's world, even though he died about 55 years ago. This book is about our Savior Jesus. It is no quick read, actually a book I will go back and reread again, so I can take time to do the reflection questions that are at the end of each chapter. Tozer shares Biblical details and wisdom that will get you thinking at a deeper level on who Jesus is and why HE came to earth. This is no fluff read. If you really want to know Jesus more you will find this book helpful. Which I ask, who wouldn't, HE is after all, Lord of all, the center of all things and HE came for each of us!

Here are a few quotes I hi-lighted and there are many:
"It is important for us to understand that God, being one in His nature, is always able to say the same thing to everyone who hears Him. He does not have two different messages about grace or love or justice or holiness. Whether it be from the Father or the Son or the Holy Spirit, the revelation will always be the same."

Some say, they would like to have lived in the time of Christ. Why? There were hypocrites and Pharisees, and opposers, murderers, and unbelievers in the time of Christ! You would not have found things any better two thousand years ago. Some of you who look back with nostalgia upon what you consider the good old days ought to be delivered from that!"

"Christ is at the center of all cultural levels...So, Jesus Christ stands in the middle of the human race, at the center of geography, the central figure in time, and in the midst of all cultures. Our Lord is at the center of all life's experiences!"

"When Jesus was on earth, He was not the passive, colorless, spineless person He is sometimes made out to be in paintings and literature. He was a strong man, a man of iron will. He was able to love with an intensity of love that burned Him up. He was able to hate with the strongest degree of hatred against everything that was wrong and evil and selfish and sinful."

"Mankind is still inventing new ways of self-treatment and medication for failures and weaknesses and wrongdoing, even in our day, not recognizing that the cure has already come....But, really, all Christianity offers is Jesus Christ the Lord, and Him alone-for He is enough! Your relation to Jesus Christ is really the all-important matter in this life. That is both good news and bad news. It is good news for all who have met our Savior and know Him intimately and personally. It is bad news for those who hope to get into heaven some other way!" 

If you are a skeptic, a new believer, or have been a Christian for a while, don't miss out on having a deep relationship with Jesus Christ! Tozer says we are in spiritual trouble if we do not recognize the presence of Christ!

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To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, Moody Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book. My opinions and review are my own.

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