Friday, March 31, 2017

Weekly encouragement, celebrations, 40+year olds thoughts, and snapshots!

We are birthday celebrating around here, first it was my hubs at the beginning of the month, then mine Monday and next week little man's!! I won't share how old I turned, just know it is 1 more year than the last! Let me share with you how I feel about that:
  • The 40s rock!! I don't let stuff that use to bother me as much get to me, I give myself more grace and others too, for the most part! I just can't help that sometimes people are mean, say and do stupid stuff, but then I have too! Still a work in progress!
  • I have gone through some stuff/crap and have come out on the other side, whoohoo!! So to all those out there going through crap, trust me there is beauty on the other side. Seriously God has a plan, and I am learning that HIS ways are always best, even when it seems painful (seems painful, is my perspective)! Faith is a must, Jesus is a must!!
  • My favorite hobby is quiet reading time, that has not changed! My days are full of teaching, raising up two young kids, cleaning, errands, cooking, chickens, dog, cats, and whatever God puts on my plate, I try not to miss those things, even when they are little things.
  • Your body starts to go down hill after 40, sometimes it seems in days, instead of years, metabolism slows, energy levels are low, and my hands wow I won't even mention that! I look at them and see my grandma, God rest her soul! But the good, I am comfortable in my own skin!!!Who cares about a few extra pounds, as long as I am healthy otherwise.You will often see me with my hair up and no make-up!
  • Coffee is a must everyday and afternoon now!!
  • No regrets, even the bad things, because they are life changing and will be used for good!
  • I am beyond blessed, life sure hasn't turned out like anything I planned. However it is better than I imagined and the good news, the time here on earth won't even come close to the glory in heaven (at least that is what the Bible says, and I believe it)!!! 
  • I am still learning, that never ends! So kids, don't complain, it is a blessing to learn!
  • I am not perfect, and I am OK with that! Hallelujah!! 
  • I am more fearless, becoming more bold! That is a little scary!  
  • My family is awesome, so thankful for all they do for me. A few of us maybe a little nutty, but then I would not be the person I am without them all in my life!!
  • A couple good friends are a must, especially one's you can trust! Girlfriend time is too, though it is hard to come by. However, I seriously have some great close friends I can rely and trust. If you know me, trust doesn't come easy for me!
  • I love living in Tennessee, I thought Kentucky was going to be our final move, but God! If you would have asked me 15 years ago where I be, I would have said living in my home-state of Minnesota, who would have thought I become a southern! We have lived in the south for 13 years now! This girl was made for the south! Life is full of  the unpredictable! I am thankful for my journey! 
  • I want you to know this in case you don't~Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow!! HE loves us big time!  
Some thought provoking things I came across this week and blog posts that I feel are worth sharing:
 ~This was from my Bible study this week, I think she may be right. "The way I see many represent Christianity on social media is truly heartbreaking. We have lost our mission to serve and love. We care more about trying to mold those who don't claim to follow Christ into His image. When, instead, we are called to serve and love, not force others to conform." ~Becky Kisar

~Beautiful reminder, not easy. "We live in a self-centered world, but a true woman lives a God-centered life."~Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth

~“We can't sell out truth to make people feel better. That's not love. That's bandwagon popularity speech that surface treats a hole meant for the Healer.” Lisa Whittle 

I am weak and strong, holy and sinful. We have this in common, you all and me.
Don’t think for a second that your hands are empty. And the greatest joy of all? It is s sharing what you’ve been given.
One of the greatest ways to bless others is to simply “see” them.
We don’t always get it right, and that’s okay. 
Thankfully, our salvation is wrapped up in His generosity and never-ending supply of help. We give because He first gave to us. Believing in God's loving goodness opens our hands. But keep this in mind: When we give all we've got, we will feel empty. The unchanging law of the kingdom of heaven is that God will fill us back up again.

Good truth, again not an easy thing to always do, but GOD makes it possible!

True! I need a t-shirt like this!

Snapshots of our week:
So precious listening to these two work together on their Bible lesson from The Mailbox Club!
My hubs surprised me Saturday for a little early birthday treat, strawberry pie and the candle holder I have been eyeing for the last two months. He knows me well!
Homemade cards from my sweet children!
Love catching them with books! They like the new storyteller Bible.
Zeke, he is one of a kind! My late night company!
Church ready with my little crew! Little man's hair was rocking! P.S. you should try doing his hair, girl hair is so much easier.
Little man is our early riser, so he has the fun responsibility of getting the chickens out. So cute in his much boots!
The kiddos received some early Easter candy all the way from Minnesota!
After a stormy Monday, I am reminded of God's goodness through a beautiful sunset! Psalm 19:1 The heavens tell of the glory of God; the skies display His marvelous craftsmanship.
Sweet dreams, all tucked in my bed!
This mama is impressed, love seeing him taking the initiative and enjoying piano practice.
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  2. I find myself grinning when you talk of your 40's, Jennie. It's much the same for me now in my 50's! And those hands don't get any younger looking! bleh! But I say that with a laugh, because, like you, I am looking forward to the day when my aging body will be replaced with a glorious one as I walk alongside Jesus!

    Thanks so much for giving us lots of fun and inspiring thoughts to feast on, my friend! I didn't see this link in my MM linkup and I'd love for you to add it! Anything that is helpful to my readers is perfect for the FMTM linkup! ;)

    1. Yes, so glad we get a new glorious one!! Thanks for letting me linkup, I didn't think to do it as I wrote it on Friday, instead of Wednesday. It has been a couple Wednesdays, since I have had time to write. :)


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