Friday, March 3, 2017

Weekly encouragement, snapshots and peek into our week...MARCH

I listened to this podcast this week, so good! And yes this truth! Boom 👊👆
Wow, March already, February went by in a whirlwind it seems! Actually March started as a whirlwind, as we had some severe storms in our area arrive March 1st. I have been waiting for winter and snow to arrive, but it looks like for the most part winter is skipping our area this year, to which this ex-northern will not complain at all!
This week is not at all what I had planned or expected, but hey that is life. We had to miss church this week, which we don't like doing (but sickness). We love our church and it is always gives me a little extra spiritual boost mid-week and I love studying God's Word with others. Thank goodness for my own Bible study time, the Lord being available always, and encouraging friends! Little man has been fighting a bad cold or something, but thankfully he recovered quickly. Today we finish up week 27! So we celebrate! Little man even though he wasn't feeling his usually self most the week did finish what he needed to, so we wouldn't get behind. That is a plus to homeschooling, even on sick days we can manage a little learning in (math, reading), so that counts! Our co-op made the decision this week to cancel co-op classes because there has been so much sickness going around in our area, so that left us with a little extra unscheduled time. So I took advantage of that! Next week is break week for us! Looking forward to going to see Alice In Wonderland play on Monday and someone turns 40 next week! Hint, it isn't me, I have been there done that! So I planned a special celebration for the man I love, hey you only turn 40 once, unless you are me and have done it couple times now, ha!

So in case you missed it go check out this book I shared, all women of all ages need this book

The Lord has been speaking to me a lot about...
I had to chuckle at this, but yet I do feel like a rebel, a weird one!

Encouraging reads: 
In the end, it matters what I’ve done with God, not what I’ve earned for Him. God isn’t looking for a person with a perfect checklist. Instead, He is looking for a devoted heart. Don’t get me wrong, if you are completely devoted to God you will obey (I John 5:2). 
Our choices can have a lasting impact even long after we are gone. 
Nothing’s neutral. Nothing’s objective. Every philosophical system assumes some beginning “first principle.” That is, ALL knowledge depends upon religious truth. So even the secular “objective” reasoning depends upon some assumed self-existent truth. 
Whether our callings are in the seemingly routine tasks of normal life or in extraordinary adventures in far-off places, we are all called to deny ourselves.  And we will be unwilling to do that if we worship a small god who gives us a small faith.  We must fix our eyes on the true God who is “able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20).  Because, “the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in [us]” (Romans 8:11).  The one true God who created the heavens and the earth, the one who willingly gave up His Son for us, the one who raised Him from the dead—He who is able—calls us to big things, in His big name, requiring big faith. 
Inspiring read, a different kind of wall

Snapshots of the week:

This makes homeschooling worth the challenging moments when you hear your son reading. Last year we were only working on learning the alphabet letter sounds. Years ago I would have never imagined I would be the one teaching my children reading, math, history, science, etc.., but God had a plan and HE provides where I am weak to do what I don't think is possible. I sometimes think this journey of homeschooling is more to teach me, then me teaching my children.
This was our Monday adventure! The kids and I rescued a stranded boat in our pond. I guess we better ask the neighbor if he is missing a boat?  And we did, it was his! We are thankful for our awesome neighbors, once helped us with it and the other claimed it!
Little man wasn't feeling good, bless him, playing wore him out. This boy rarely sleeps!
This girl now does her own nails! She has become so independent this last year in many things. It is bittersweet, this journey of seeing them grow and be able to do stuff for themselves and not need her mama or daddy as much. I am sure proud of her though! She is sweet, helpful, always concerned about others, smart, beautiful and very creative!
Building with magformers! Love him!! He makes life fun, interesting, never dull, and his brain is always thinking of things to make and do in unique ways! Such a little cutie!!
"Now is the time to live it out! Now is your time to do what it says." This study is so good, From Final Days of Jesus, Sacred Holidays, my prayer is to live this message, the Bible's truth! God's ancient Word's hold power and truth! Don't miss it!
This is my children's March calendar and Lent study! Thankful for free printable's!
Easter tree is ready! The kids love decorating! We keep it simple, but meaningful!
Easter count-down ready!
It's FriiiiiDay!!! Celebrating  with huge blueberry muffins! May you have a blessed day, enjoy and celebrate the simple things!

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  1. You're so right about the miracle of learning to read. I'm working on my 8th and 9th readers, and it is still a miracle! Happy reading!

    1. Oh we love to read, even better when they are doing it themselves and knowing I taught them. 😉

  2. I love the peak into your life. The snapshots are great! Happy Sabbath!


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