Friday, April 28, 2017

Last Friday of APRIL, weekly encouragement and snapshots!

Wow, did you realize it is the last Friday of April, spring is going by too fast and so is this school year! We have two weeks left of homeschooling before we take a little break. Though during our break much is planned to be accomplished, plan out the 2107-2018 Raising Arrows learning year, go through all our books, start our summer reading, and I want to start incorporating art/nature journaling, poetry, hymn study into our days. By starting this summer, I hope that by the time we start back with our routine using our regular curriculum, they will be made into habits and be a part of our day-to-day.
I have great intentions to do things, but many times they get pushed aside because we feel we need to get our other stuff done. We have been reading poetry, but I want them to learn more about the poetry than just read it. I have read how poetry enhances our writing skill (plus other areas) and I feel that is an important skill to have; because someday they will be required (maybe 😉) to write essays and do research papers. I lack in this area, so I am also excited to learn more too! I feel that doing art/nature journaling and hymn study brings in beauty, truth, and goodness. Also, these activities will just enhance our learning, being more aware, tying in creativity, math, science, and writing. It is what makes learning fun! One of the many reasons we choose to homeschool, to be able to turn everyday moments into learning opportunities, that also enhance our awareness of our ever present God! I look forward to our new learning year and building these habits that also nurture us, because what we spend our time on matters, what we read, music we listen to, and do matters, not only for us, but for God's kingdom.

Excited to be part of Lisa Whittle's new book launch, Warrior Boots! She is a truth teller!

Encouraging reads and finds:

This life is not about me; it’s about him. And my supreme delight is not to rest in anything in this world. My delight is to be in God. The best gift he can give me is not health or prosperity or happiness, but more of himself — a blessing that can never be taken away; a blessing that grows richer with time, and lasts throughout eternity.
Fix the gaze of my soul on Christ. Stop tinkering, start looking.
God wants so much from me. What should I give up? What should I lay down? What should I do more?
So in life, we hit walls along the way. But finishing the race well is so gratifying in the end. But the secret when we hit wall, is to keep going, to leave all of our burdens in his hands, to breathe in the rest that comes from someone else being in charge. Then, when we have left all in His hands, have rested in peace, we are ready to keep running the race. To find new strength, to do what it takes to finish the race and to not be disqualified. Don't compromise your ideals when you are weary, don't follow unwise friends.
We were created to be dependent on God. We're not self-sufficient. We can't make it on our own. We're not designed to be able to make it on our own. So any effort to try and make it on our own is guaranteed to be futile. We need help. Am I right? Do I hear any "amens" to "women need help"? Men need help; we all need help.
God gives you grace and acceptance before you overcome your sin.
Because it’s His grace and acceptance that let you overcome your sin.
You don’t overcome your brokenness to have God’s love.
It’s God’s love that has you overcoming your brokenness.
Great question! What would you do more of?

 Snapshots of our week:

Observing the caterpillars. They things literally grow overnight! Fun science activity
We saw a beautiful double rainbow (pic didn't turn out good) and sunset at end of our day Sunday. Thankful for a sky full of promises and God's glory!
Out on our walk, thought we send the hubs a pic, letting him know we were thinking of him and of course the first pic is this! Love my crazy family! Real life! Railroad family!
Beautiful day for some golf practice, and the hubs even took a pic of me swinging the club. It's been years since I have picked up a golf club, only time I do know is to help the kids with theirs. This game takes a lot of patience and concentrate, which I limited with! HA!

It was a Steak'n Shake kind of night after karate! Little man's favorite place!
She was excited to hold the flag during our prayer and announcement time at co-op this week!


  1. I love reading about other's home-school journey. We did it for 5 years and the kids decided to go back. I miss those moments!
    Sounds like lots of fun happenings in April:)

    1. I do too, it is encouragement to read others. :)

  2. So enjoy this glimpse of life through homeschooling. It is near and dear to my heart!


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