Friday, April 7, 2017

Weekly encouragement, celebrations, and snapshots!

We were thankful to have my husband home all last weekend, it is a rarity to have him home on a weekend and not be on-call for his job. So we took advantage of his time off. Little man wanted to go to the zoo for his birthday, so we decided with the nice weather on Saturday to do just that! The Memphis Zoo is a great zoo! I just wouldn't recommend going on a Saturday, it took forever to get in for parking, but once we were in it was not bad, despite the hundreds of people. We didn't have any problems enjoying the zoo and learning about the animals. Sunday was wonderful also, as we all went to church together as a family, even though we were a little tired from the trip and all the walking. I wonder sometimes if people at church through the years think I am single mom, as my husband is usually working on Sundays? None of that matters though, what matters is that we go to church to worship Jesus and get to be apart of God's family! We are so blessed to be a part of a wonderful church family!

This week in Raising Arrows we finished week 31, which means only 5 weeks of school left, well that is required learning via the state (but shhh don't tell my kids)!! Then a little break, time for me to go through what the children accomplished and learned, organize, and plan for the next learning year! I am only trying to decide right now, should we take another break week or not at this point. We usually go about 6 weeks and then take a week break. It has been a month since our last break so we are about due for a break. We just may do that to enjoy some fun outside Spring adventures, though we get plenty of that in anyhow. One benefit of homeschooling, lots of outside time and freedom to explore! The kids have been enjoying going on some adventures in the woods around our house and exploring with dad. Plenty of fishing time and plenty of fun in the yard. Also golf season is about in full swing, Abigail will once again be playing on a PGA Jr team this summer. So they made there first trip to the golf course and have been having fun practicing in the yard.  Oh how I love this time of year, when it seems the kids spend half of their days outside!

Definitely lots of things to be thankful for this week, with Aidan turning six, hubby off from work, and all the little things in between. God is so good in ALL things, even in those times we struggle. So why I count my blessings each and every day, to remind me of God's goodness. Right now if I were to focus on the evil taking place around the world, others who are ill, fighting for their life, dealing with death of a family member, etc..., and then there is the everyday teaching, training, worrying, disciplining, and just my own personal stuff I struggle in..., if I were to focus on all those things, I would fall apart inside. So why I need Jesus! I am thankful to serve a loving God, a God who hears our prayers, who listens to us, who knows what is best, even when I don't understand. We believers also have the blessing and calling to do something to help those in situations I mentioned, to which I can also be thankful for. So thankful God gives me those opportunities and uses me in my weakness to do so! May we all remember, God's calling in our lives and the blessings He provides us, all because HE loves us! We can do hard things for HIM!

Encouraging reads I came across this week:

My time with these people is short, my energy is waning. How can I do this enormous thing of taking the little I have and shining God's love to all these people- needy, demanding, desperate? (the little I have becomes more than enough. The small things make big differences, and somehow God provides)
THREE practical ways I find comfort in God during times of anxiety
Let’s imagine for the next few minutes we have followed the crowds outside of Jerusalem, to the place of Jesus’ execution. We find ourselves at Golgotha (the Place of a Skull, also known as Calvary), watching and listening, as the soldiers nail Jesus to the cross.
God does not love you to the degree that you are like Jesus. Rather, God loves you to the degree that you are in Jesus. And that’s 100 percent.
This is such a wonderful resource for learning the hymns, something we will incorporate into our homeschool day
Now is the time to decide that this faith is all or nothing. This is how we lead our children into holiness, into steadfastness, into perseverance. We live it now so that we can live it on the day that persecution comes. We live it now so that one day when we are long gone, if our children are called to lay down their lives for this great and glorious faith, they will still hear our voices crying out: Stand firm. Remain true to Christ, even in this hour of great temptation.

Snapshots of our week:
Celebrating little man's birthday at the Memphis Zoo.
Lego exhibits at the zoo! Impressive!
A gorgeous sunset with the clouds! Love God's reminders everywhere!
Happy 6th Birthday to little man!! He brings so much joy and fun to our family!! Thankful for God blessing us with him! We love you Aidan!
He says he needs to hold up another hand for 6 years old!
Abigail made her bro a birthday gift, a hot-wheel car map.
Happy Birthday cinnamon rolls!
Birthday presents!!
Little man beating dad in some fun gun laser tag!

Three mousekeeters celebrating little man's birthday!!
Double chocolate birthday cake is yummy!
Beautiful peaceful night for a little fishing with my man! Date night at home!
Listening to the frogs and owls, really peaceful! Thankful for these beautiful reminders, God's creation!
Having fun learning the United States! Puzzles and geography songs!
This crazy crew out at the golf course! My family, my heart!
Aidan is getting into the game now too!
They have been "hunting" for morel mushrooms, the hubs found a bunch yesterday, so guess what we had for supper?

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  1. How fun! What a treat to have your husband home to enjoy the weekend with you all. Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your life.

    1. Thanks Mary for stopping by and yes so nice to have the hubs home!!


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