Friday, April 21, 2017

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Happy Friday!! I have been keeping the shipping and delivery guys busy this week, curriculum and books have been arriving. This is the time of year I stock up on books for us to read, research and order curriculum for us to use. Part of doing this entails looking for good deals. This mama likes good deals! I have been finding some great used books for sale in Homeschool Facebook groups and at our local library. Also Rainbow Resource Center is another great place. Next month there is a homeschool curriculum sale I will go to and then should have all we need for the year! As of today, we only have three more weeks to go to finish our 2016-2017 school year, whoohoo!!

This week I shared a post on book recommendations from my own personal pile, you may check that out here:

Here are some encouraging posts and quotes from this week:
Beth Moore shared this, great message! Much needed
BEHO'LD -to fix the eyes upon; to see with attention; to observe with care
to fix the attention upon an object; to attend; to direct or fix the mind

So in the seasons when joy is not coming, and weeping is tarrying in our seasons of night, may you look outside today. Go ahead and look out a window. Take a peek at the sunshine and maybe step out into the warmth. It is amazing how God brings hope to our hearts when we look up and remember He is faithful. The dark and doubting moments will overwhelm, but His love remains the same.
No matter how good a teacher I think I am, there are going to be days when no matter what I do, my children are not going to receive what I’m offering. For one reason or another, they are hearing my words but not taking in wisdom and knowledge. Maybe it’s time I explore the reasons why.
It is the glue that holds homeschool together.
Here are ten easy things to try when homeschooling is hard:

(1)    that we are all busted up, strung out sinners who have no hope apart from the mercies of God, and (2) that God has met that need richly through the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus

Tozer knew how to bring a message!

My heart for all those struggling, remember you are beautiful and loved by a mighty God!

Snapshots of our week:
We had a late Easter dinner this year, we didn't have our meal till my husband was home from work on Tuesday. However, over the weekend, we decorated eggs, finished our Ressurection eggs and countdown, and painted crosses to celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ for dying on the cross and saving us! 

Beautiful evening for a walk with my little peeps!
Perfect rainy day game, Spot It! My brain hurt afterward, fierce competition!
Enjoying a little stroll! One of my favorite parts of the day!
Beautiful creatures, excited for a little snack of apples!
This girl loves horses, thankful we live next to neighbors who have horses!
An exciting learning adventure arrived this week!!
I am so glad I got this book before they sold out! Homeschoolers if you have not heard of Wild and Free, check them out!
Books and more books, these are some great used priced books I found for us. My daughter is an avid reader, like me, so we like hunting for good cheap reads! The poetry books will be used in my co-op class I am teaching next year!
Another box of curriculum arrived, this is through Rainbow Resource Center!
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