Friday, May 19, 2017

Weekly encouragement, good reads, and peek into our week!

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!! I am taking a bit of a break from blogging and linking up (as I shared on my Wednesday post here ). I have projects that need my attention and time to enjoy a little summer break, so these weekly encouragement posts will be short and sweet, but will always have some good reads that are worth checking out. I hope you are finding time to rest in God's presence today and every day, HE loves us so, and we need to make sure our first order of business is with our Lord. Blessings 💗

Good reads: 
So while balance may be a myth, grace is very real and available in spades. 
A huge part of persevering in times of waiting is the courage it takes to hold onto hope through it all. God continues to teach me how when I think nothing is happening, everything is happening. In the waiting, God works behind the scenes without fail. Our job is to allow God to do the work while being patient with the process. God promises: 
If God is good and if God has the power to do anything, why hasn’t God healed you? 
Do we follow our heart’s desires — or do we desire to follow Christ? 
In Christian circles, I see confusion everywhere: from the books pumped out of Christian publishing houses, to the bloggers we follow. When they deviate from the Bible, we're quick to write it off as a misunderstanding or just "their experience", when in reality they are breaking rank with Scripture and we are giving them a thumbs up as the world watches on. 
Parenting is the Task of Making Disciples 
You are able. You ARE able. By the power of the Holy Spirit. Under the covering and authority of God. So sister, warrior up.

Weekly snapshots:
Whoohoo, we finished another year of homeschooling!!! Last Friday was our last day of 2016-2017 school year for Raising Arrows! Proud of these two!!
A beautiful day and my beautiful daughter!
So thankful for Mother's Day and the beautiful homemade gifts from my children. As always a wonderful worship service with my church family, but best of all little man shared with the church on Sunday that  he asked Jesus to be his Savior!
Little fisherman!
Golf kids!
Watching my man fish!
My current reading book stack keeps distracting me, but my messy office and the homeschool curriculum need organizing. I am slowly getting books and curriculum organized for next semester and also listing one's we no longer use. Book problems!
Received my hard-copy of this new book! It was the perfect book to sit down with on Monday after a day of many appointments. Jesus whispers~I will be your shelter. Rest and refresh. Let me be your shade today. Psalm 119:114~You are my shelter and my shield I put my hope in your Word.

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