Wednesday, May 3, 2017

What makes you enough?

Jesus is enough!
Jesus is all we need, Jesus is enough! Not what I do, but what HE did! In this world, we are not taught this, we are taught that we need to be better, in order to be considered successful we need to have accomplished something worthy. We are taught that chocolate, wine, coffee, the newest outfit, gadget, diet, job promotion, or whatever it is the world/media flashes and tries to entangle you with, will bring about joy/satisfaction. (And people I love my morning coffee, but it doesn't fill me completely!) We want and want, we try to avoid feelings, except for what excites us, and can bring us instant satisfaction. Your friend will tell you not to worry, you are enough, you are good, umm no that is not the answer. We focus on me, me, instead of Him, Jesus! Those items may bring you happiness and I am not saying they are not good, but they are only temporary.  I know this because I have lived that secular view for a long time, until I came to understand the real Jesus. He helps me overcome perfectionism, anxiety, worry, stress, me hope, strength to endure, and fills me with complete JOY. What I need to do is abide in HIM, and I think we get confused when we look at that word ABIDE, it means to await, remain, lodge, sojourn, dwell, continue, endure...What our souls, hearts long for only comes through the love that Jesus poured out on the cross for us (Romans 5:8), which can only be received through Him! Jesus endured and suffered for me (and you), He believed I am worth it (and you), and He still believes that! Jesus is enough, His shed blood was sufficient for my salvation and for everyone! He loves you!

So I ask, what makes you enough? I hope your answer is Jesus!
Jesus is enough!
 P.S. please read the Bible and ask God yourself, I am no theologian, just a mama with a heart that loves Jesus, HIS Word, and wants others to know His truth too. Get in the Word, spend time with HIM, and you will hear His truth too!

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  1. Yes, and amen, Jennie! Sadly, so many do not believe this or know this truth. And even if you do know it, like we do, sometimes I fall into trying to pursue something like approval or validation when I already have that in Christ! I make others my idol when I try to do that! So insidious but also very dangerous! Thanks for your wise words and warnings! It is a message that needs to be spoken over and over again! Hugs to you, my friend!

  2. Amen Beth, so why I need Jesus every moment and His grace! ❤

  3. Yes Jesus is enough and He makes me chosen, loved and enough! Thanks for the reminder:)


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