Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Whispers of Rest~Book Launch

Rest doesn't come easy for me, but this book has helped me to see the importance. Bonnie Gray has written a book just for me, well maybe you too, OK, a book I think many of us need. This world is loud and busyness is a problem, not only for ourselves, but we will miss out having a relationship with others, and most important the relationship that we need most of all with God. Bonnie has done her research on ways to find rest, helpful suggestions to slow down, and most importantly connect with God.

When I found out Bonnie was writing another book, after reading her first book Finding Spiritual Whitespace, I knew this book would be worth a read. Her new book is almost like a follow-up to her first book, because if you read her first book she shared how she found God and dealt with PTSD. However, you don't need to read that book to read Whispers of Rest.

I have been reading through this devotional book daily and partaking in the wonderful journey of resting with God. Bonnie pointed to our need for Jesus, shares Bible verses for the day to focus on, along with reflect and prayer time, and journaling or activity suggestion to connect deeper. This doesn't have to take hours, but a few minutes will refuel you.

These are some of the notes I have taken, that spoke to me:
  • Say yes to following Jesus, trust Him to lead you where He calls you to go. 
  • Holding onto guilt of not being enough by doing more..instead draw near to Him and say yes and let my heart be free in HIM.
  • We were never meant to journey alone. God is with us. In the day and in the night. 
  • Rather than striving to please, to belong or avoid hurt, what is the more restful journey that God is inviting me into, step out in faith and experience Him?  
  • Am I moving by God's invitation or by my striving?
  • Checklists never end, we need to step away and rest: to feel our emotions, hear God's whispers, to be present with others, to be who we were created to be!
  • When we're most stressed, we often deprive ourselves of what we need most, God.
Some of the activity suggestions, I did:
  • Breath prayer was a wonderful way to help me to pause, slow down and connect. 
  • Write a letter to your younger self, was heart opening.
  • Her reminder, that I will never be able to love as perfectly or unconditionally as God has loved you, but to dedicate your life to loving better. 
  • Make a mosaic of your favorite activities, places, things, people, music, colors, foods, experiences,...is a great way to remember your passions, the beauty the God provides.
  • Unplug! Instead, journal, create, and remember God is of peace, not confusion, distractions.
  • Loved this one, drink coffee! Coffee has some added benefits as does art! 

After going through this devotion, which by the way I plan to reuse, as a helpful tool to use on days when I get frustatred, worry, or become distracted and need those God whisper reminders. God is gracious and will hear and answer our cries. He will lead and teach us in difficult times. He always acts out His love for us. We must be willing to follow Him. Remove the impure things that cause us to wander.

Be sure to go check out this book for yourself or to give to a friend. Also, go to Bonnie's web-site, she has some wonderful free resources for you at  http://thebonniegray.com/whispersofrest/#freeresources

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