Monday, June 26, 2017

Doing Busy Better

This new book Doing Busy Better~Enjoying God's gifts of work and rest by Glynnis Whitwer is a recommended book for us women that struggle with doing vs. being! The message from this book is much needed as it seems this world pushes being busy and doing, doing, and not taking enough time to rest, especially the right kind of rest, which is resting in God! Also, I think may of us struggle taking on things we think we should be doing because there good things and we think it is OK, but God didn't call us to do everything. I would have loved this book years ago when I really struggled with doing and doing and not resting. However, it is never too late to glean some wisdom and I sure did, I still have much to learn. This book has been helpful as I just started planning out our 2017-2018 homeschooling year.

Here are some of my notes of what resonated with me from her book:
  • I was reminded God see's me as His child. I am a child of God, oh how I need to repeat that to myself daily! I do not need to be concerned with what I am doing or what others think I am doing, it is not what you do that brings you worth, it is whose you are, a child of God! It is never about me, all about Jesus and how my heart reflects Him. God's identity for us in unchanging and independent of our actions. We are His chosen and beloved children. 
  • Her explanation from Genesis about work, that God designed Adam to work by naming and taking care of animals and garden. God gave Adam a purpose and a gift of work, it showed God's love and trust of him. (however we know later on he messed it up, but that isn't the point right now) God is our provider and work would be a calling, and rest would be a gift. How do we approach work, do we put God first, we should do few important things well not a lot and not well, God modeled a simplicity of work that feels refreshing and focused in creation. Home is our first line of ministry (Titus 2:3-5), all work has value because we are serving Jesus, are motives need to be right to be doing that. Work is truly God's gift to us. He designed us for it. He assigns us to it. He refines us through it. So we shouldn't feel guilty when we are doing/working and we also shouldn't feel guilty when we are resting. As God also designed us for rest, our bodies were not designed to run non-stop, they need rest to restore our physical strength and cognitive functions, this is how God designed our bodies. Spiritual rest happens when we cease striving and give it all to God. This teaches us that God is our source, portion, and provider. God does His best work in me when I rest and God leads. 
  • Without boundaries, we will sacrifice the important for the urgent and margin allows breathing area. We have responsibilities and are often provided with many other opportunities, but not all are good for me. Good intentions can lead us down paths that cause complications for us. If we aren't wise about our busyness, we will find ourselves frustrated at how little gets done. So we need to be good stewards of our time, at work, play, and rest. Busy isn't always bad. Only when without boundaries and doing the things God didn't call us to do. It is one way the enemy takes a hold of us. 
  • We can't hurry and love at the same time. God's to-do list always involved loving others fully, being patient, and only doing the things HE assigns me to do. I have been guilty of having a to-do list that isn't a God to-do list, so I am thankful to have learned this lesson, though it isn't an easy one to learn. 

 Glynnis shares her struggle with busyness and rest, and she pulls lots of biblical wisdom and scripture into helping us understand how we can do busy better. Go to her web-site to learn more about Glynnis and her book at and while you are there be sure to check out the book and some great free preorder gifts before July 1.

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