Friday, June 9, 2017

End of week encouragement, thoughts, snapshots, and moving forward...

I think my age is starting to catch up to me! This mama is just tired! Not sure if it is from my allergies, long summer days, mind full of things to do, having children (which by the way are a blessing, but you know they are like batteries, keep going and going, and take energy from you.) or just a combo of all things. But I think I may become a hobbit at this point, seriosly considering, ok kidding, slightly... I started our clean out the house project, after putting it off for a while, but I need to bring peace back into our home, there is just too much stuff, and mama gets tired telling everyone to put your stuff away, for the love! My mind doesn't work well with clutter and it seems to be everywhere. I have areas that need to be organized, cleaned, and time to plan our upcoming school year. There is an abundance of stuff we just really do not need, so it needs to go to a new home, anywhere, just not here. So lots of toys, clothes, and kitchen/pantry items are going, going, going...Though there is some in my house that like to hoard things and I am one who doesn't, well unless it is books, so we have a bit of a conflict at times with what we need and what we really need, if you know what I mean. Anyhow, with that also comes weeding out things in my personal life that are not serving or honoring God. So yes, this includes going through reducing online clutter, mental clutter, putting boundaries in use of how I and our family use our time, getting rid of things that distract me, saying my best yeses and no's, and that can also includes people, but those last two items are really hard to do. All this requires, lots of prayer and direction from God! Which means I need time to sit still and hear God and just listen, instead of doing all the talking to Him. Something, that requires lots of self-control for me and grace!

Two things from my reading this week that stuck out to me and one comes from reading Charlotte Mason and For The Children's Sake (All parents should read this, even if you don't homeschool.), is that our atmosphere's at home are of most importance! Sally Clarkson also has a book out about the family atmosphere. She was definitely on to something, because our society is suffering, the children are suffering. In the past I have been guilty not always putting those in my home first or taking care of the atmosphere in the home the proper way. God has given me a calling as a wife, mom and homeschooling my children, and those need to come first and all of that takes place in my home, so my first calling is my home! I am thankful to have a husband that supports that fully and see's the importance! And those are big things, so it doesn't leave a lot of room for other things in my season right now. I think if we are taking care of the atmosphere in our homes, the world would not be in so much chaos as it is, we are failing our families that God gave us, when we are more concerned with things that our not in our control. Our world has turned into a world that runs 24/7, is full of distractions, and scary things. But what if we made our homes a place of love, to share, and serve in, while teaching those in our care and giving glory to God in all those things we do (cleaning, cooking, caring, teaching...)? God made families! What if those things we are involved in with became places to glorify God: our kids activities, jobs, grocery shopping, our neighborhoods, etc..., instead of complaining and just rushing to the next things, we took the time to be present, so we can see and feel the presence of God and those needs right in front of us?  I believe if we are doing this right, we are then able to serve in other places well with the right intention and God will give you all you need to do it right, and it shows to those around us the love of God. But if I am making my family suffer so I can go serve someone else or volunteer, then what am I showing my family? God knows our hearts, and I do believe that is what matters, our heart needs to be in the right place for us to serve our family and others. We are not called to do every good thing. Many times we need to allow God to give us a heart attitude adjustment, because sometimes we are just being plain selfish! So why it is so important for us to slow down, spend time with God, listening!

Now I am not saying we don't serve outside our homes, because we are also called to do that and we are called to community with our church, but I think many times and I have done things for the wrong reason, we get so concerned with serving outside our homes and doing for others, we fail our families, cause we put them last, we become bitter, stressed? Church doesn't just happen at church, it also happens in our homes and communities too (grocery store, golf course, post office, our neighbors next door, greeting the UPS guy, etc...). We have a high rate of divorce, broken families,  anxiety and stress disorders, over-worked, and people that our lost. If we are putting God first in our lives and loving those God has put right in front of us at that moment where we are at: our families, neighbors, friends, stranger we meet on our path, making our homes a place of refuge for those that come in..., We are making a difference, we are raising the next generation to love and serve, they will have encompassed the love of God, if we are doing it in a way that God shows us in His Word. We each have seasons and for such a time as this, and we need to make sure we are doing what God calls us to do, during the right seasons and times.

Another thing I read and this was from a blog post: We are meant to be God's representatives in the world, not His replacements. Oh ouch, I know there has been times where I have got this backwards, not that I am trying to be God, but it is the way I may have said something or did something for the wrong reason. Lots to ponder on, so I take these things to God that have stirred my soul and study His Word and I pray and ask God, what is it you have me to do, and He keeps telling me to love others, to abide in Him, humble myself, be present, pay attention to those people in front of you, slow-down, to not judge or worry about others~He will take care of it, to share His truth and those with open hearts and ears will hear and follow Him. But most important He tells me I am His beloved child~a child of God, and that is what is most important, to spend time with Him and share my heart with Him, to let Him love me, so I can love others well and serve Him. God first loved us and it is where our true source of love comes from!

So back to weeding out, I am going to be more quiet on my blog for a time, I am going to be less on social media and the computer, I am going to slow down, I am going to focus on God's presence and those around me, AND I am going to have less clutter in all areas of my life, with the Lord's help and leading!

Encouraging reads:

So while balance may be a myth, grace is very real and available in spades.
So when I hear the phrase "lost people matter to God" I wholeheartedly agree because that's me from time to time. I lose things like my way and find myself on the driveway.
And you get to do hard & holy things, you can do hard and holy things — for the joy, for the love. Because whatever you do for joy, you can do forever. Habits matter because: Habits are the spine of our self-control.You change your life when you change what you do everyday.
Cheer Up! You’re Worse (and Better Off) than You Think
Rest isn't only for our tired bodies. It’s also for our weary souls. Our wills, our minds and our emotions get burned out if they never experience rest. Sometimes the silent signals of exhaustion are so deep within our souls that it’s more difficult to recognize than when our bodies cry for physical rest. Our minds must receive rest. Our wills must experience rest. Our emotions must engage in rest.
When Jesus came to walk the earth, he came preaching the Kingdom of God. As New Testament believers we can enter into rest through faith in Christ, yet we still must do life in this world. Spiritually, we are restored back to our rightful “place,” just as Augustine described, yet anyone who has lived much time on this earth knows that there is more to it than that. There is a manifesting of this rest, this peace in our day-to-day lives. We still have decisions to make, children to raise, bills to pay and relationships to navigate. We must also take up our place in the Kingdom of God as creative makers and culture influencers. As Christians in the world we are not called to “run and hide” but to “GO”….yet our comings and goings should look distinctly different from the rest of the world and our motives should be distinct as well
There’s no question that our culture is rattled; some say it’s the death rattle of the West.  There’s no question that ours is a raw-nerved, anxious generation, and it’s easy to get caught up in the noise and nervousness.  (I’m using the term “generation” in the way Scripture sometimes does, to indicate not so much chronology as character – see Psalm 24:1-6.)  It’s popular to mock millenials for being so utterly incapable of dealing with any stress whatsoever.   While stress and anxiety are more statistically evident among younger generations, it’s not just young people who’re struggling to keep it all together.

Ready for a little backyard exploring!
A girl and her cat!
This girl is ready for her first PGA Jr league game of the season!
Excited family, ready to go cheer on our little golfer girl!
Beautiful fun day watching her and her team-mates! Looking forward to the next game!
Our silly family 💓💓
My new Plumplanners happy mail!
Received a sweet card from a friend, and new book to review~Women who Move Mountains. How timely these arrived on the same day (God-coincidence), because the sweet sista who sent the card prayed for me!

So encouraged and challenged by Carey Scott's new book coming out soon...She shares messy beautiful stories, takes you through lots of scripture, and many of the women of the Bible and what we can learn from them. Reminds us the most important place to go is the Word and our purpose...
James 1:5 tells us… “If you don’t have all the wisdom needed for this journey, then all you have to do is ask God for it… and God will grant all that you need. He gives lavishly and never scolds you for asking.”
If we’re going to be women with uncommon wisdom, we have to ask God for it. Because He is the only source of it.
“As an uncommon woman, you will find yourself:
1. relying on God above all else
2. full of hope in the hard places
3. standing up for what’s right
4. holding on to joy no matter what
5. able to step out of your comfort zone
6. willing to risk your reputation
7. resolved to not give up or give in
8. untangled from your past failures, fears and insecurities
9. capable of looking past your circumstances
10. understanding there is a calling on your life
11. trusting the plan and ways of God.”
Carey Scott #beUncommon #booklaunch

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