Friday, June 2, 2017

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Wowzer, June is here!! Bring on summer!! This week has been a bit of a more restful week and much needed. It is so important we remember to slow down, enjoy the surroundings, to rest, and refuel our souls. I am not good at resting, but this year, I have made a point to take a sabbath weekly, sometimes that sabbath time is only a few hours. When you're a mom and a homeschooling mom at that, it is harder to find time to take a whole day, as there is always something needing to be done, but I am finding that most of the time what I think needs to be done, can actually wait. I have to tell myself, what matters most in the eyes of God! If you struggle with finding time to rest, to spend time more wisely, not feel guilty, to know what God's Word says about doing and resting..., Glynnis Whitwer is coming out with a new book, releasing next month just for us women! This book I read in a week, didn't realize there be so much in this book that would resonate with me (so it was hard to put down), as over the last couple years, I have become wiser in using time wisely, saying best yes and no's and going to God first. Over the next couple weeks I will share more about this book, but until then go check it out here:

Hope you all had a wonderful week and are looking forward to summer, we don't have any vacation plans, as the kids have some activities they are involved in and we will spend time at home and explore locally. My plan though is for us to start back with our regular homeschool routine end of July. Currently, we are doing a lite summer session of learning, but with gardening, fishing, home projects, and summer activities we have plenty of learning opportunities to learn from. That is how we are different from the public school system (plus no testing), we use our everyday living to learn from, and that is many times the best way to learn than to sit down, read and write, and we choose to go year round, as learning is something that never stops and it is something that needs to be taught. Though I still haven't figured out how to put that all in a portfolio for TN homeschool requirements. However, it isn't something I worry about, as I see the progress my children make, and know that they know more than I ever did at their age, plus they are both avid readers, which is so important in this day and age. Where nowadays it seems that people don't want to read and if you read the research on this you would find why reading is so important, and what is happening to us, we have become so dependent on our mobile devices to do everything for us, even think for us, which is scary! I am doing a study of Colossians 3, and I am reminded of the importance of why to keep looking above. We need to keep looking up to where our eternal life is held with Christ, to seek heavenly things not earthly ways/things, to be alert, so that I can live for HIM, since Jesus gave His life for me and is my life. And possibly, maybe God knew there be a time, where He see His people all looking down?? Just a thought, anyhow....

Thankful for God's word. His Truth, never changing! Oh how this stirs me! May my actions and attitude reflect this. I have been raised up with Christ and died with Christ. My life is hidden with Christ, Christ is my life. I will appear with Christ in glory! "I am accepted. I am beloved. God is pleased with me because of Christ." Katie Orr's, Everday Obedience Bible study
Good reads from this week:
Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? To whom do I belong? Where does my strength come from?
#WorldChanger is everywhere.  Whether it’s heard at a preschool graduation, emblazoned on throw pillows, or printed on conference t-shirts, our society proclaims to us that we can all be world changers.  This idea, which has subtly saturated our culture and our churches, is problematic for several reasons, ranging from being simply untrue to narcissistic to anti-Gospel.
Every day, our children are being molded and shaped by our actions and attitudes. These are God-given opportunities to influence the next generation. As our children grow, the kitchen table of influence extends to neighbors who come over for a playdate and friends they bring home from school. No matter what season you’re in, it will be over soon.
While you are finding your feet you can't help see what others are doing. But you can open your eyes wider to what you are accomplishing. Look at what you can do. You are faithful to get up every morning to do it. And if it isn't done as seemingly radiantly, or as grandiose, as others. It doesn't matter. Your gifts, talents, interests are being used in your family. They are radiant. Because no effort, no love, no good work, is invisible to God.
No matter what this year holds, God is with me. No matter what trials are coming, God is there. No matter what my family may go through, nothing can separate us from the love of God. I do not know, but God does. I merely need to wait upon Him; trusting and hoping in His power.
Yes, this book, and bonus it also includes an icebreaker, study questions, and video’s to do this as a group study!!!

Weekly snapshots:
These kids sang their hearts out for the Lord Sunday morning! This is some of our Sharpening Arrows kids!!
Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends. John 15:13 Remembering those who have sacrificed their lives in service for our country and thankful to Jesus for being our ultimate sacrifice!

My men, heading out fishing, while us gals relax on the deck!
Thankful for this view! These hummingbirds are impressive little creatures that God designed. What a reminder of how great our God is!
Afternoon reading! Homeschool reading~For The Children's Sake and new book Doing Busy Better, lots of notes from both books for me. Especially love this reminder from Glynnis, "The only thing that matters is what our heavenly Father thinks about us. And that is unchanging. We can rest knowing we are safe and secure in God's unconditional love...And once our identity is secured, we will no longer be women driven to find our worth in what we do." Child of God!
Fishing and Fishing!
Flowers are blooming!
Practicing math skills!
Fascinated by the hummingbirds, we counted 8 the other night!
Some nature journaling from the last week!

Beautiful sunset, made by our awesome God!
I finally have my very own set! Charlotte Mason education.

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