Friday, July 21, 2017

End of summer session and start of a new homeschooling year...along with some encouragement and snapshots of our week!

Raising Arrows
This week was the last week of summer break for us at Raising Arrows. Our summer has consisted of golf practice and games (We still have two games yet to play for the season.), lots of free time, reading, exploring, gardening, fishing, nature drawing, and completing Big Truths For Little Kids (Which I recommend for your elementary aged children.).  The last couple days have been family time, as we have my sweet mother-in-law and step-father-in-law, my hub's sister, and our niece visiting from out of state. The kids are enjoying cousin time!

Here is a peek into our upcoming homeschool year: Monday, we start our official 2017-2018 homeschooling year! So excited to learn with my little arrows!! This year I will be teaching a 1st grader and a 3rd/4th grader (depending on the subject). We are using Sonlight as our main core and this will be our 4th year with them. Sonlight has worked for us the last few years, so why change. I know there are so many other options and choices, which I would love to try, but if it works, then there is no need to change things. This year they have made some great changes to the language arts, so this year we are feeling no need to add supplements to the LA! We continue to use A Reason For Handwriting and Aidan will also use Explore The Code series. For history, Aidan will be learning about World History/Core B, and Abigail - American History/Core D. In Science, Aidan will be learning about animals, astronomy, and physics, and Abigail - biology, taxonomy, and anatomy. Aidan will be using Horizon's for Math and Abigail is switching to Teaching Textbooks. We will read through the Bible, memorize scripture, and learn about various missionaries around the world, this is always my favorite part of teaching, along with history! We are adding in some art, classical music, and character learning to our morning time. Abigail will start her 3rd year of Latin, we use Classical Academic Press. I plan to start Aidan next year in Latin. Next month we start back to co-op, I am teaching a Chalk Pastel Art class in the fall and Poetry and Drawing class in the spring. Abigail is taking both my classes, in addition to a Crafts class. Aidan is taking Farmer Boy, Mudworks, and Life Works. The kids will continue karate and piano lessons, and possibly some swim lessons (which I need to plan). We consider ourselves classical/Charlotte Mason style homeschoolers and do somewhat of a year-round school year. We do have a short summer break that includes a light learning summer plan because learning is part of life and never stops. This year we are doing 5-6 weeks of school with a week break in between, a week off at Thanksgiving, and three weeks at Christmas this year!! This allows us some time to focus on other things during those times, and also for me to have some time for planning and evaluating. So that is a peek into our upcoming school year plan, now on to some encouraging reads this week and a few snapshots:

Encouraging reads:
Discipline seems like a hard word, but discipline is your lifeline
I would like to go back to the index method, interesting article
Thought provoking article, your brain needs to be bored to be creative And when you consider that the average American devotes about 10 hours and 39 minutes each day to consuming media, approximately 65% of waking hours, according to a 2016 Nielson report, there’s a good chance we’re missing some inner reflections.
Our culture tells us that in order to know something, in order to be an expert, in order to learn something, we have to be taught. Our model for modern education is simple: if we want to learn something, we take a class, or go to a seminar, or listen to a lecture.
When I teach college freshmen, the hardest thing I have to do is convince them to talk back to me. They sit nicely and write down what I say, but they’re afraid they might say the wrong thing if they talk back to me. They are not accustomed to conversing with any sort of give and take. And why should they be? They’ve spent most of the previous twelve years sitting and being lectured to. They have become passive learners. Most of us were taught to accept this as a primary method of learning.

I thought these tied in with my homeschooling theme this week, encouragement for us homeschool mama's:

Weekly snapshots (small peek into our life):

Over the weekend, I worked on planning for the start of our new homeschooling year!
Sunday afternoon, watergun fun!
Peaceful night, a reminder to rest in HIS presence!
Sometimes you just need to step outside to be reminded of the many blessings God provides daily.
Yes!! This truth! Excited to be part of the Gospel Centered Mom book launch

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