Friday, August 4, 2017

August 4: Weekly rewind, commonplace notes, encouragement, and snapshots!

A new month has arrived and a new season it seems for me. It is back to school time, last days of summer, new beginnings, new schedules, changes, or maybe none of these are you, but at some point we are either in the middle of a season, beginning or ending a season. And sometimes those seasons are easy journeys and sometimes they are hard. Please, let me share with you, no matter the season you are in or where you are at, please don't do it alone. Walking together with another person is a must in this world. So that you can be lifting each other up, encouraging one another, praying for each other, pointing each other to God's truth, growing in faith with one another...also in case one starts to slip backwards because we all do at some point. So what am I saying, find a mentor, an accountability group to be a part of, someone you know you can count on for godly wisdom. The person doesn't necessarily need to be older, but at least someone that has journeyed with God for a while. For the new person, just starting the journey, you definitely need someone wiser to get you through those days of doubt, struggles, those days when the enemy is trying to distract you and cause you to feel less than. With Jesus we have all we need, and in the Word, He points out the need for one another. So don't be shy or try to deny yourself the time, it is worth it!  We need sista's in Christ, as Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth says from her book Adorned “When older women and younger women support each other in living out God’s transforming love, the entire body of Christ—the bride of Christ—grows more beautiful.”

Commonplace Notebook:
  • Education is a life. Ideas are of spiritual origin, and God has made us so that we get them chiefly as we convey them to one another....The mind feeds on ideas and therefore children should have a generous curriculum. ~ Charlotte Mason-A Philosophy of Education
  • Brave doesn't always involve grand gestures...Sometimes being brave is being quiet...Sometimes brave is being quiet...Sometimes brave looks boring, and that's totally, absolutely, OK. ~ Present Over Perfect
  • Faith finds security in God alone. You are loyal to HIS call in your life. Love and obedience follow true faith. Faith is anchored on the truth of who God is. Results of faith are seen in the radical changes in your life as you walk out your faith daily.~Women Who Move Mountains
  • Lord, keep my heart to be diligent. Listen to the Holy Spirit, be a gatekeeper to my heart. Proverbs 4:23 Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it springs the issues of life. 
Encouraging Reads:

I cannot pull myself together. No amount of inspiration will change that. But I can lay myself down at the feet of Jesus and ask Him to continue His work in me. To provide and love.
Are you planning for fall? What tools are you using? What do you need to cut (or add!) in order to live the life God has called you to?
We live in a world of instant this and immediate that; learning what the Bible says takes time and patience. Delving into a detailed look at the context can reap valuable fruit.
The point is we don’t HAVE to know everything to give our kids a great education.  We just need to know our KIDS…and we need to be resourceful
Perhaps the best-read book of all time is the Bible. But what kind of book is the Bible? Among many things, the Bible is a story—the Greatest and Truest Story of all

Didn't take many pics this week, just a couple of the kids golfing. However, over the last week there are some reviews of great books that I have recently read and I shared those in other posts on my blog, so be sure to go check those out if you missed them, and a also a giveaway!

Little man decided to join us for golf practice and a little friendly chipping competition! Watch out for these kids on the course next year together! 😉

Fun night of golf practice with the family!
A great read for moms, Gospel Mom released August 1st! Check out my review of this on another post!

Be sure to check out my review of this on another post and let me know if you are in for doing this together!
New book coming soon, September 1st, looking forward to sharing more!

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