Monday, August 28, 2017

Deeper Waters ~ Book Launch

I recently finished an online book study of Denise Hughes new book ~ Deeper Waters~Immersed in the Life-Changing Truth of God's Word and just the title alone spoke much to me, because there are times when I have felt like I have been in "deep waters". However, it is the truth and hope of God that got me out of those deep waters (times of trouble, despair, anxiety, worries, wrong choices, etc..). I can't imagine going through life without the truth of hope and light God brings to us through His Word! So I was excited to be a part of the discussion and helping to launch her new book, which releases September 1. I also started reading Women of the World~How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds by Jen Wilkin as this is a book we are reading through in the small group I am part of. I love how God lined up both of these books at the same time in my hands! They really do pair well together. I have been reading the Bible and doing Bible study for years, but these two books are showing me so much more that is found through God's Word and some new study habits to make. Denise shares her read it, write it, pray it method. She shares the difference between the telescope and microscope approach to Bible study.

You may be thinking, well don't I just have to read the Bible or parts of it to know God, no there is more! There may be times you read it and are confused or wonder is it really worth my time, which even I would tell you YES it is worth your time and should be worth your time! God's Words has been changing me and I am in awe of how wonderful and amazing our God is! Denise goes into depth about the reasons we need to be studying God's Word, with helpful suggestions and the transformation that takes place when we are.

It was only in the last few years that I personally read through the entire Bible and started studying one book at a time from the Bible. Before that, I did Bible study workbooks and groups, which are useful, but you need to be in God's Word yourself, so that you can hear from Him.  Jen Wilkin says, our hearts can not love, what the mind does not know. Which I never really thought of that way, but yes we need to let our minds know so we can transform our hearts, because our hearts can be liars/feelings can be liars. Denise shares the more time we spend in the Bible, the more familiar we will become with God's voice. That is so important, because not only are people watching us and how we act as Christians, but also, how are we going to be truth tellers if we don't know it ourselves. I also like how Denise emphasized the importance of writing the Word too and the research behind it. (Side note: Denise's Word Writer's Bible Studies are great, I have completed two of them!) We need to be like Ezra from the Bible, he wrote the Word, invited others to also, which made an impact that has carried on to even now! Ezra 7:10 Ezra had determined in his heart to study the law of the Lord, obey it, and teach its statutes and ordinances in Israel. Denise's new book Deeper Waters~Immersed in the Life-Changing Truth of God's Word, is broken down to, 4-parts based on that scripture message from Ezra. At the end of the book, Denise provides the readers with a read-through the Bible study plan, along, with a place to write out Psalm 119, and scriptures to read and pray through. She provides you with a step-by-step process to do during your reading of the Word, such as prayer, writing, suggested references to help get a better understanding of God's Word. This book though is so much more than a how to study the Bible and why, Denise also shares her walk of faith, which is a truly encouraging story of hope and redemption, that only God can do. So if you, like me desire to have a deeper relationship with God and know Him, learn to hear God's voice through His Word, and be able to discern what is true from untrue, then this is a highly recommended book!

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book that spoke to me:
  •  Many voices will compete for our attention, but we'll find our way when we choose to listen to the voice of a trusted Friend.
  • God's Word is the only unchanging eternal reality we can look to.
  • When the deep waters of suffering threaten to take the very breath right out of us, the deeper of life with God speak hope into the impossible.
  • Just as water sustains physical life. God's Word sustains spiritual life. 
  • Time alone in His presence does more to quiet my soul than anything this world can offer.
  • We're here to bring God glory, and we do that by becoming more like Him.
  • Writing the Word helps us slow down and prevents us from skimming too quickly over the text.
  • God gave us His Word so we'll consume it.
  • The voice of God never contradicts what is written in His Word.
  • A relationship grows when people invest in one another by spending time together, and our relationship with God is no different. We get to know Him when we read and study His Word. 
  • Scripture and prayer have become inextricably intertwined. The one informs the other, and the latter returns me to the former. 
  • God makes it clear we'll be held accountable for what we know and what we've been given.
  • When we plant our roots deep, nourished by the living water of the Word, we become a glorious display of the Lord's splendor.

Good news this book releases September 1, but if you order before that date, there are some really wonderful presale freebies, such as:
  • A FREE copy of Word Writers: James
    The Introduction and Ch. 1 of Deeper Waters 
  • A 365-Day Bible Reading Plan
  • 18 Scripture Prayer Cards
For more information about this book and more, go to Denise's web-site at

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