Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Not "Quite" SuperMoms: 14 Reflections On Less Than Perfect Moms In The Bible~Book Launch

Becki Rogers from Not Quote SuperMoms https://notquitesupermoms.wordpress.com/ recently contacted me about reviewing and sharing her new devotional book, Not "Quite" SuperMoms: 14 Reflections On Less Than Perfect Moms In The Bible Of course I said yes, her posts are always thought provoking and encouraging, I love how she shares her faith and her love of Jesus. So I couldn't wait to take a peek at this devotional, as I had seen some snippets of her posts about the ebook on Instagram, and she also posts them on Facebook too if you are on there. This devotional is great for us mom, so relatable. I love how even though the Bible is over 2000 years old, it still is so relevant and applicable today, and that is because God wrote it for all of us, He knew we need it. So we need to be reading it! I love what Becki wrote about the Bible in her book: "There are many amazing parenting books, but none are customized to your unique family. Except one. And in its pages, we find "a stronghold in the day of trouble" an "anchor for the soul" a Shelter to run to when the foundation shifts beneath our feet." 
This book includes moms from the Bible from the beginning in Genesis. Becki wrote short but meaty daily devotionals for us moms and about some of the everyday struggles we may face. I enjoy doing these kinds of studies, not too long ago I did one in a small group about the women in Jesus genealogy, and I learned so much from them. Becki includes a little background about the women, along with some scripture passages, and questions to help you apply it to your life. This study was encouraging and helpful in my faith journey and will be for any mom that is raising children. Becki shares parts of her life and I enjoyed her writing style, while she shared truth from the Bible.

Quotes from the book:
"As far back as Genesis, there have been mothers...They all serve to remind us that, throughout history, mothers have faced struggles that only God could handle."

Devotional From Mary: "It didn't matter if she grew up rich or poor or famous or unknown-it only mattered that she trusted God."  
"When she could have boasted in her supernatural calling, in all her SuperMom glory, she didn't. She magnified God. She called herself a handmaid or a lowly servant girl. She gave HIM all the glory. She saw herself as God's servant, even in her role as a mother."
Question: "Can I honestly say I am HIS servant in my role as a mom? Or do I feel ownership...?"

This truth to apply:"May we be moms that raise the children He has blessed us with in HIS ways and point them to HIM."

Devotional from Sarah: "She was impatient (something I relate to and God continues to work on me). We should note that our methods for making God's plans happen are never as good as God's ways."

This truth to apply: "May we rememeber that God didn't give up on her and HE doesn't give up you."

Her book is available on Amazon as an ebook and for more information check out:   https://notquitesupermoms.wordpress.com/not-quite-supermoms-e-book/

For anyone  wanting to do this as a group study, I would encourage it, I believe it would be great to discuss with other moms. Please let me know if you would, I like to get a group together to do just that, and we can do it online if you are not local.

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