Sunday, September 10, 2017

Becoming Mom Strong~book launch

May I just say, wow there are some really great books being released this year! Here is another, that releases on September 19. This book is by podcaster and blogger Heidi St. John. I have been listening to her for a few years as she also homeschools and is always current on the things taking place in our culture (by the way you do not need to be a homeschooler to read this book). This is a book for us moms, titled: Becoming Mom Strong~How to Fight with All That's in You for Your Family and Your Faith, go to her website at to find out more about Heidi and her book. There is also a journal (which I will be purchasing in addition to this book) and a Bible study guide to go with it! Also, she is helping to train leaders to start MomStrong groups across the country, which I think is so wonderful. I use to be part of MOPS and have coordinated mom groups in the past, and I see the need for mom groups, that models Titus 2, while encouraging and serving together. We all need friends to come along side us and help us in our faith walk, to learn biblical truth, so we can grow and serve together! This is Heidi's heart and why she wrote this book!

So why would I recommend this book to my friends and mom's out there, because Heidi is not afraid to talk about the hard subjects, the problems with our culture today with truth and grace, the issues we face as moms. She is real and honest, she has a deep passion for sharing Biblical truth and a love for Jesus. She encourages me to not shy away from hard issues, to grow in my faith, all while pointing to our very much need of Jesus in our lives. Her book speaks from experience with 26 years of parenting and a homeschool mom of 7. A book to remind us that God's Word contains everything we need to train our children in righteousness, but that it starts with us! The book is packed with lots of biblical wisdom to remind us to become strong in the Lord, so that we can help train up our children in the way to go in this world as strong arrows for God! For those that do not know, we homeschool and our homeschool name is Raising Arrows, so this resonates with me so much!!
So, how do we become MomStrong, like the book title says? Heidi says we first need to be honest with ourselves. Acknowledge our own weaknesses and go back to the beginning, God has provided us in His Word. "The way we find out what God's character is like is by reading His Word. Every other book out there (including this one) pales in comparison to that singular literary master piece. It's the only book you need." 

I have so many notes and highlights throughout this book I love to share, but will share just a few, otherwise this would be a very long post. 
  • Our priority must be hearing from the Lord in every aspect of our lives. If we're not listening for the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit, we're more likely to fall victim to the latest and greatest parenting fad or to get sucked into the trap of believing we can do it with out the Lord, and that is exactly what the enemy wants.
  •  As parents, we're accountable for training our children in righteousness. The results are up to God.
  • History is worth digging into, because history is more than just a sense of dates on a timeline. History is really HIStory-God's story-the unfolding of the Master's plan.
  • You are preparing warriors who at some point will be asked to choose between following God's law and following the culture. 
  • In this culture of "tolerance", we should expect to be rejected. The way of the cross is to live in full view of the world but to keep our eyes on Jesus. If we're going to live counter-culturally, we need to know who God says we are.
  • The point is that we need to surrender ourselves to what God wants us to do. We need to be willing to do what He says is best, not what our flesh wants or what the world says we should do.
  • The journey we are on is designed to help us trust God in ways we don't expect and can't foresee.
  • MomStrong mom doesn't trust in her own abilities, she trusts in a strong sovereign God. 
  • Invest in friendships with women who are not afraid to bring you into the light. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." Life is found in the light of truth, and the truth is found in the Word of God. 
  • Hope that is based on faith in Jesus Christ floats, even in the midst of an ocean of grief and suffering, because when we place our hope in Him alone, our hope is never misplaced. Though we suffer loss and rejection, we don't grieve like the world grieves. We grieve with hope. 
  • Spending time with the Lord is non-negotiable if you want to become the mother God created you to be. You have to make time for God, not excuses. 
  • Our kids can't afford to have moms who are burned out and checked out. They need us to be all in...We're often too distracted to ask God for help with our daily challenges. And Satan loves it when we're too busy to pray. A mom who is too busy to seek the Lord in prayer is easy prey for the devil!
  • By His divine power, God has given us everything we need for living a godly life.~2 Peter 1:3. By His divine power, we can understand God's standard for living a godly life...We need to teach our children that their worth comes from God, and we can't do that unless we believe it too. 
  • God trusts us to raise His children. They're not really ours, after all. They're on loan to us from the Creator. Our job is to train these precious children to hear God's still, small voice above, all the other voices competing for their attention-both today and in the years to come. 
  • God isn't silent on the issues we're facing today...We need to know the truth and stand firm in it. Truth matters to God, so it should matter to us. 

Heidi has some pre-sale freebies for those that order the book before it releases on September 19 at

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